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Within the treasure room of the thieves guild can a book be found.
This book teaches the reader the Will of the Grey Fox. A once a day power that silently robs all nearby npc's of their gold. However, being the Will of the Grey Fox, it will not rob beggars.

To be more specific with how it works:
it is a power that can be used once a day,
it does not effect beggars,
it has a 100ft (according to the creation kit) area of effect ignoring line of sight,
targets will only be robbed if they cannot see you,
will not work if in combat,
the amount of gold stolen from targets is based on your pickpocket skill,
a pickpocket skill of 0 should result in robbing a target for 50% of their gold, pickpocket skill of 100 resulting in robbing 100% of the targets gold.

A little warning:
This power reports every target effected by the power in the top left of the screen stating whether they are a beggar, can see you or how much gold you managed to steal off of them. using this power in crowded areas, whilst potentially yielding lots of gold, will also generate an equally long list of npc's. don't worry, the list will clear eventually.

This mod makes use of SKSE to report the names of npc's robbed. you don't need SKSE to use the spell, you just won't see any names showing up.

Installation notes:

Hopefully the mod should be able to install with the mod manager.
If for some reason it does not, just copy the esm file into skyrim's data folder, and the scripts into their respective scripts folders.
Un-installation is as simple as removing these files.

Final note:

V2: reduced area of effect and cleaned up the scripting.