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I was very disappointed with Bethesda for making unavoidable the detect life for potions or objects and the water walking effect. So I decide to create this mod to make the aviable.
This mod is still in alpha stage and it is a work in progress. Requires 1.8 skyrim version(dawnguard not required). Please give me feedback.
What this mod does(for now):
Add an enchanted ring with detect life effect (tested completly)(show everything except dwemer automatons and doesn't show who is a friend or an enemy).
Add a potion with detect life effect.
Enchented ring can be disenchanted.
Waterwalking is present completly (somethings still not tested)
Some object are integrated into two levelled list(about level 30)
What this mod doesn't:
Link the new content into the world(the only way to have the new items is typing into the consolle "startquest lolloquestitemaddplayer" without quotes,for reobtein the items use "resetquest")(This can be redone in new versions)
To do:
Make the detect life potion craftable, add effect to some ingredients.
Check the value of enchented objects and potions.
Link them into the world as random loot or quest reward/item