Lydia Improved by Amor
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Last updated at 22:11, 8 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 22:02, 8 Dec 2012

This is my first mod and I do hope you enjoy it.

My name is Amoryenar, but you can call me Amor. The location of this file is in question, but that's not important.

What is important is I finally edited Lydia. If you remember, Lydia had hazel eyes and a manly face and stance. This mod changes the stance from Male to Female. It gives her blue eyes and a more rounded face. Pink lips as well. All in all it makes Lydia a prettier woman.

Now, I realize that this is not to everyone's standard. That's fine. Just please, don't comment negetively as I may report you for trolling.

I'd love to see your screenshots of my mod in action!

It is compatible with Dawnguard and Hearthfire.
You don't need anything special, as it's just a face improvement

I used the SkyrimNPCeditor and only used the Skyrim.esm and the Update.esm.
I would prefer you NOT to use my improvement as a base, but rather get the editor and change her to your liking.

Just drag the BSA and the ESP to your Data File and Tada

Just delete the HousecarlWhiterun.bsa and the HousecarlWhiterun.esp

Bethesda for Skyrim

To make her look just like the screenshots:
(will link when I get them)
LiFE -
Coverwomem look 3 -
Milkdrinker skin -