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A small basement addon with tons of storage and all the crafting stations in one place. Hearthfire and Dawnguard compatable.

Permissions and credits
-This was built using some Hearthfire addon Items.-
-Works with Dawnguard but not required-

This first release is during a major change on the steamworkshop version. The mask busts in the main area are temporary and should NOT be used they will be deleted with the next update. Use the busts in the Trophy Room cell instead.

Steamworkshop -

The entrances to the basement are in each of the 5 starting homes, the 3 Hearthfire homes, the Ragged Flagon and one in the Arch-mage Quarters. I added a trap door on the floor in each area that require a key (Ragged Flagon you pick the lock) you get either when you buy the home or in the case of the Hearthfire homes when you get the first room built.

A small basement style mod that has:

Storage -
Mannequins - 48 (19 Female)
Weapon Racks - 138
Weapon Plaques - 24
Shield Display - 68
Large Weapon Display Case - 12
Dagger Display Case - 30
Chests - 14 / Satchels - 2 / Strong Box -2
Safes - 15
Books - 2200+ (enough)

Crafting- All in one room
Alchemy Table
Enchanting Table
Tanning Rack
Sharpening Wheel
Armor Bench

All 13 Stones and 10 Shrines.

Busts for all 10 masks(9 Dragon Priest masks and also the wooden mask)
Claw Pedestals for Holding the 10 Dragon Claws.

Not much for followers to do there but follow you at least they do that much.. stupid followers.

10 exits-
5 to the player houses(Breeze, Honeyside, Hjerim, Vlindrel, Proudspire) key required
3 to the Hearthfire homesteads(Lakeview Manor, Heljarchen Hall, Windstad Manor) key required
Arch-Mage Quarters - key required
Ragged Flagon - Master level lock that can be picked.

There are mods like this already but most are much larger than what I wanted in a house addon. Eventually I'll put in more clutter and junk to fill the empty space but for now its ok I think. Also considering adding a merchant or maybe a follower(really doubt the follower).

This is my first shot at a mod so a few things might need to be tweaked but any suggestions or helpful info would be great. Oh yeah there's also a bear.
(Lite Version-

----To Do's----
Set up jewelry displays
Training Room
Something with followers for followers... bleh

The 4 weapon racks at the back of the room hang some weapons upside down.(possible skyim bug)
Mannequins do that cool duplicate item trick and wander some(skyrim bug not the mods fault)