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Last updated at 13:36, 7 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 12:58, 7 Dec 2012

This is my 1st mod attempt.
It\'s still in the works so be mercyful.

adds :
A new Tavern Library
A new bard with 2 new songs
6 new light armors
1 new robe
several NPCs and a lair

There is a new tavern library near from Dawnstar, with a chest with 2 armors,
a very bad bard singing 2 new songs and some NPCs.

And on the border of the sea the Nivish\'s lair,
where there are some enemies bandits with the new armors.

You can fast travel to both locations.

Still a lot to do on this one but i need feedback to know if it\'s arleady working as i gotta admit that i\'m wasting myself a little without knowing if i\'m doing it correctly.

Thx in advance to anyone who download and play and test this.

Requirements :
Apachii's hair
Skyrim Patch version 1.8

clean save and load

Known Bugs :
The navmesh is not done correctly cause the followers don't come with you in 2 new locations.
But the other NPCs work fine.
The quest is still not active, i got to finish it.
Couldn't find a way to add a song in the bard way, so i added them like in a conversation.
As you're the Dragonborn and a fine gentleman, you'll play the lute while the bard is singing.
That's what i call commitment !
Now joke aside, if anyone can help me out with some hints on how to fix all this, I would be really grateful.


Bethesda for this awesome game.
Sundracon for giving me the permission to use the meshes of his mask (thank you!)
xmacrosx for hos modder ressource (thanks)