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Blood, Sweat and Tears
A Hyper-Fantastical
ENB + Realistic Lighting Config

This configuration aims for a pseudo-realistic fantasy vibe. Think: Warm, purpley-orange sunny days with soft indirect illumination, and dark nights where torches and stars stand out like beacons. It won't be for everyone, but I have a feeling it will find a place in someone's heart.

1) Install ENBseries (v0.113) to your Skyrim folder. *
2) Copy Included "realistic lighting" files to your Skyrim Data folder.
3) Enable all realistic lighting mods in Launcher or Mod Manager.

* Built/tested on ENB 0.113 !!

Alternate Color Palette:
Just in case you hate the bloomy, fantasy colors, I have included an alternate, normal color palette, too.
1) Rename enbpalette.bmp -> enbpalette-bak.bmp
2) Rename enbpalette-alternate.bmp -> enbpalette.bmp


Source Mod Info + Credit:
ENBseries Skyrim 0.112 @
Realistic Lighting @

Hardware Tested:
AMD 6870 + Phenom II X4 965BE
Also tested:
Nvidia GTX 670 + I5-2300

Bugfixes + News:
Forthcoming testing/corresponding release for Nvidia users.
Testing and updates for newest ENB (V 0.126)