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A few simple changes to the behavior and speed of someanimals. They should now run faster than humans and also be a bit smarter about who to attack and when to retreat.

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Please note: There will be no future updates. I have discontinued my support for this mod.

For an animal behaviour mod I now use SkyTest


This mod was inspired by the squad of mudcrabs who successfully raided a bandit camp, killing all within. Although hilarious, it highlighted a problem with their aggro radius and undaunted aggression, and got me thinking about more of Skyrim's wildlife.


Here are the changes this mod makes:

Note: The player character runs at 100 speed.

- Elk faster (130)
- Goats faster (110)
- Rabbits faster (180)
- Foxes faster (160)
- Wolves faster (120)
- Wolves retreat if outmatched
- Bears retreat if severely outmatched
- All mudcrabs have had their aggro radius reduced by half
- Mudcrabs retreat if outmatched
- Giant mudcrabs retreat if severely outmatched



I want to keep this mod simple, not make it like SkyTEST. All the changes were made easily through the CreationKit.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to be made please let me know in the comments/discussion.

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