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200 years ago, an Orc adventurer brought a rare Akaviri blade into the Shivering Isles. Shortly afterwards, the Champion of Cyrodiil retrieved this blade (after the Orc conveniently lost his grip on reality). When the Champion disappeared, it was thought that the legendary Dawnfang had disappeared with him. But the Prince of Madness has seen fit to grant Tamriel with the blade once again!
Sheogorath is a busy man, though. He's currently taking a long vacation in the mind of a certain Emperor. But once you've convinced him to leave, you may find that the Pelagius wing is host to more than just dusty bookshelves and upturned tables...


- A blade that transforms at dawn (6am) and dusk (7pm)
- A bloodlust that can be sated with 12 or more kills in a day, resulting in a more powerful incarnation of the blade
- Enchantments identical to the original Oblivion version
- A message from The Mad God himself
- Follower-friendly! Your followers can use the blade too with the same functionality.
- No polling! You probably won't know what this means unless you're a scripter, but basically there's no periodic script events, so it won't screw up your game if you remove the mod (like a certain mannequin mod is infamous for...). Instead, much more elegant techniques are used to transform the blade at dawn and dusk.

Please note that this mod aims to stay as true to Oblivion's version as possible (as far as the sword's behaviour is concerned - recreating the models is beyond my ability). For a less lore-friendly and more original version, you could try KeizaalFeyn's Dawnfang and Duskfang REBORN - he uses my scripts as a base and extends them to create his own version of the sword.


- Camz123 for his reskinned assets
- KeizaalFeyn for the idea and his assets (used in the alternative version)
- TESFAN123 for creating KeizaalFeyn's model
- CaBaL120 for creating KeizaalFeyn's textures

Other Notes

As always, please report any bugs you encounter in the comments section.
I am happy to change the assets this mod uses - I'm not a modeller/texture artist myself, but if you want to provide me with the appropriate files then I can replace the current assets with them.
I'd also like to have the Superior versions visually different from the normal versions, but extensively modifying the models/textures is beyond my field of expertise.

If you want a better-looking version of the swords and have a bit of texturing experience, I suggest you take a look at these models and work on the textures for them. The models themselves look good, but those textures... ;)

Finally, if you didn't get the hint from the description and can't find the sword, I'll spell it out for you. It's not craftable; you can only get it after completing Sheogorath's quest in Solitude (Mind of Madness). The sword (and accompanying "journal") is located in the Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace, right at the end by a bedroll.

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