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My Little Khajiit: Skyrim is Magic
Version 1.2

By: Digo Dragon

Mod History
1.2 - Fixed the volume on some of Applejack's lines. Added a few new lines to all characters. Made Rarity and Angel Bunny merchants when within Rarity's home (See Mod Issues section below). Alternate Nord version made available!

1.0 - Initial mod release.

This mod adds 6 potential followers based on the “Mane 6” characters from the cartoon series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The followers can be found on a small farm just west of Anise’s cabin. They are each built with a custom voicepack and come with basic traveling equipment. Their farm, Sweet Apple Acres, comes with numerous safe storage areas and work areas for use with all three crafting skills.

The Khajiit Followers
The 6 followers are flagged as essential and should level up alongside the player. They are set to follow you from the start, but are not yet scripted to be marriageable. Their default outfits are common clothes so that you can outfit them in whatever robes or armor you like. Each of the 6 followers have been designed with a different combat style—

Applejack: 1-Handed “Sword and Board” with Heavy armor
Rainbow Dash: 2-Handed “Barbarian” with Heavy Armor
Pinkie Pie: Dual Weapon “Rogue” with Light Armor
Fluttershy: Full Archery “Ranger” with Light Armor
Rarity: Ice/Lightning “Spellsword” with Heavy Armor
Twilight Sparkle: Full casting “Mage” with No armor skill

Sweet Apple Acres
The farm consists of three homes clustered together just west of Anise’s cabin—

Applejack’s Farmhouse: Outside the home you will find a full blacksmith-crafting workshop with sharpening wheel and worktable. Behind the home there is a smelter to process ore. Inside you’ll find usable storage chests, weapon racks, a bookcase, and two mannequins.

Rarity’s Boutique: Outside you’ll find a tanning rack for leather, while inside you’ll find some storage chests, a display case, and another usable weapon rack.

Twilight’s Tower: Adjacent to Rarity’s home, you’ll find another display case and mannequin upstairs, while the basement sports an alchemy lab, enchanting table, storage, and four usable book shelves.

All storage containers inside and outside the farm are set not to respawn and should be safe for your use. All items and equipment in the homes are not flagged as owned and therefore you can utilize those things as well. All three homes have Navmesh too, so your followers should be able to move around inside and outside without difficulty.

Manual Install: Download and uncompress the MyLittleKhajiit.7z file. Place the MyLittleKhajiit.esp and MyLittleKhajiit.bsa in your Skyrim\Data directory and ensure it is checked “on” in the Data Files list when you first load Skyrim. Start the game and then head over to Sweet Apple Acres. Everything should be ready to go.

Mod Compatibility/Conflicts
This mod was built with just the Vanilla Skyrim system, so no other mods are necessary to use mine. This mod does add six custom voicesets, as well as adding six new color forms to the female Khajiit hair list in order to create the followers. This mod should work with other mods that do not heavily edit these two things. For the location, the farm is located in cells (-2,-13) and (-2,-14) and should not conflict with any mods that do not directly edit those two cells.
Two popular follower mods that I have tested with my mod—

Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT): My mod has been tested to work fine with AFT. Load my mod before AFT in the load order and it should have no conflicts.

Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO): My mod does have some conflicts with UFO. Specifically, my followers may not wait at a location you designate or may not leave your service when you dismiss them. At the present time I do not have a solution for this, though you might find a workaround with console commands.

Other than that, my mod is compatible with most other things like lighting mods or updated texture packs such as CoverKhajiits. Since the community has so many resources out there, I obviously couldn't test everything. If you find an odd issue between my mod and another mod you use see if switching their load order helps. I've found that solution to fix most mod conflicts in general.

Mod Issues
IMPORTANT: If you have a prior game save with version 1.0 of this mod and then upgrade to version 1.2, you may encounter a bug where Rarity and Angel Bunny will not buy/sell anything. To correct this, open the console (~ key) and click on the appropriate character to select them. Then type the following commands-

For Rarity type in:
"help MerchRarity" (Make a note of the id# that comes up)

Then type in:
addfac 00051596

For Angel Bunny type in:
"help MerchAngelBunny" (Make a note of the id# that comes up)

Then type in:
addfac 00051596

This will add the correct factions and enable both characters to act as merchants while within Rarity's Boutique home.

Future Plans
The quest scripts related to marriage are a bit tricky so I have not completed that task yet. I will keep working on it to add marriage compatibility in the future.

Additional Info
This mod is solely intended to be distributed for free and used for personal entertainment purposes with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the characters Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle are copyright 2012, Hasbro Studios. Please support the official series.