Isidora Standalone Follower UUNP-CBBE-7B by Panchovix - dadanexus
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Added: 06/12/2012 - 02:48AM
Updated: 05/09/2015 - 01:40AM

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4.2 Latest version

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Uploaded by panchovix


Last updated at 1:40, 5 Sep 2015 Uploaded at 2:48, 6 Dec 2012

09/03/15 This will be the "real isidora mod, Updated to 4.2, thanks to dadanexus to fix the problem with appachi hair, im really thankful with him.

Added CBBE Option Body too, and an stronger version of Isidora.

Sorry for my Bad English, i'm Chilean.
This is my first, that is a Female Follower, Isidora, Ranger-Assassin with multiple Perks(Bladesman,Stealth, A lot more), and Marriable.
Where's she?
She is on the temple of Kynareth, Whiterun
If someone can help me with better pictures, i would be very thankful.
I hope you enjoy!

08/14/15 Gonna update the esp between today and tomorrow, will change her voice so she wont be bugged and will add some perks, for people who still use this(and add another body option)

08/10/15 GONNA Update this mod between today and tomorrow, this mod had a lot of bugs as i saw, seems what happens


OLD VIDEO, but she works like that, maybe not that OP haha

Thanks to All developers of these mods, and creation kit -Bethesa
Kalilies (KS Hairdos - Renewal)
lthot (Brows)
Groovtama (XPMSE)
expired6978 (Racemenu, Chargen, The ability to Copy Faces LOL)
TheOniNinja (Racemenu Overlays)
Creator of UUNP
datjellyman's (UUNP Custom Preset)(It is on another page)
Caliente(CBBE Body)
LogRaam (Eyes of Beauty)
Creator of UNPB Redux Project (XPMS)
SG Textures
apachii (Apachii Hair)
Brows of lthot