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  1. Jabooon
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    Please someone knows how to remove this mod? I get CTD when removing main .esp....
    1. ArsenTell
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      I've got the same problem :(

      can't load save files after removing this mod
    2. Noobio
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      I can't be absolutely certain, but I'm going to make an attempt as I think I know what is going on.

      First, remember that this mod will effect EVERY CELL or AREA in the game.So you are going to have to follow a certain procedure, like the old ASIS used to have to do in Oblivion. This uses a method similar to what used to be called Making A Clean Save. In truth, there is no such thing as a totally clean save in Skyrim.But this method will minimize and calls in cells to old enemies from old mods, which you may need.

      Go to an interior -- a great place would be Anise's Cabin basement.Ok, now make a back-up save.What you are trying to do is be isolated as much as you can, and almost nothing in Anise's Basement is going to respawn either and it has no spawn points for enemies, which makes it even safer.

      Next, you are going to have to uninstall the Mod following the procedure he describes for this mod. Don't forget you are going to have to also rebuild your Bashed Patch after you remove his mod.So -- uninstall his mod per the method he says.Make sure you remove any mods that depend on this mod or revise to the correct version, for them. Rebuild the Bashed Patch.

      Ok, now here comes a part most people forget. This will apply to the situation where High Level Enemies are still showing up, or trying to show up and perhaps CTD the game. Reload your save with the new revised mod order with the new rebuilt Bashed Patch.Hopefully it loads up right, it should.

      Now, you have to get all the cells in the game to Respawn, otherwise they will have calls to High Level Enemies and that may cause issues. Unless you read something from the mod author who says otherwise, you need to respawn the cells. That normally is done by Sleeping up to 31 days in isolated area, Anise's Cabin Basement in this example, and staying there until all the game's cells respawn.This link to a page from Skyrim Immersive Creatures author's website for his mod explains it extremely well and he tells you of the special console commands to do it faster as well:

      So that way it will mean you use the console commands to reset the cells' spawns, and then turn it back to default, and you only have to wait about 1 skyrim day in-game to get it done.

      Now, you should be good to go. However, don't forget about the Bashed Patch, don't forget about any other patches to other mods which may have been there just to be compatible with HLE in your load order -- etc, etc -- or it may not work.

      SUMMARY -- Isolate self in interior cell preferably not near a door adjacent to high population cells like a city. Make save. Exit game. Uninstall HLE mod.Uninstall any other things in load order or change version so that no references to HLE are in there.Rebuild Bashed Patch since HLE is no longer in there. Reload the Anise Cabin save. Respawn all Cells procedure.Exit Basement.See what happens.

      Good luck.