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Bug? (3 comments)

  1. Drareh
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    i've uninstalled this mod, but for an unknown reason, the animals (spiders, wolves, bears...and the skeletons) are still stronger: ir=t's weird to face rats stronger than dragons.
    Do you know how to fix this ?
    1. backrupt
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      Me too, after all, my save show me, when uninstall this mod, every creature( not include dragur and bandit) their level always same my character, sad :(
    2. Noobio
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      See my post in this thread from this forum, it should help.

      Mods like this effect all spawns in all cells, thus you need to follow a special procedure to wipe it out. Isolate self and respawn all cells in game. This used to be known in Oblivion as making a Clean Save -- procedure. There is no such real thing as a Clean Save in Skyrim, but this procedure is needed to remove all cells' references to spawns from HLE once you uninstall HLE -- the procedure is made to reset the game, otherwise you get remnants of it. (Cells basically save info to the save file until updated -- that is my basic understanding).

      Also, you have to rebuild your Bashed Patch. You also have to remove or replace any mods that you had installed that need HLE. If you don't do this, the save may remember some of the HLE stuff, and so you end up with some stronger enemies.

      See the post I made in that linked thread, it should explain enough and also link you to a post by a mod author who knows more about it than me. He has some quick tips also that really help, like a key set of console commands.