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hi, (2 comments)

  1. Drake1610
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    after install the mod, i find a bandit camp but they all die with 1 hit and i'm lvl 10
    1. Noobio
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      Ok, I can't answer for certain on this, but I'll give some ideas.

      I'll assume you have the correct load order and that the mod is activated. If not, then it might not take effect.

      If you added the mod to an existing save of a campaign, existing character's game, then it might take a while to take effect. There's a great explanation of this on Skyrim Immersive Creatures Mod's various links explaining things for his mod. Basically, the cells (little areas of the game probably about the size of a city block) need to update in order to add the new mod's stuff to the various cells.This can take -- prepare for this -- 31 in-game days for Skyrim to update. You'd have to go into an interior cell and wait or sleep for 31 Skyrim Days to guarantee an update.

      But Skyrim Immersive Creatures Mod's author explains how to get around this, either by using his mod with its MCM controls for it, or by using a console command, and then just sleeping for about a day in-game instead. I absolutely suggest you read all the cool stuff he talks about, look for little blue highlighted words that take you to his SIM website and explain things very, very clearly with pics as well. Here is a link to his website for Skyrim Immersive Creatures -- and more importantly -- to the explanation on Cell Respawner and also the combo file with HLE -- note you can see the pages to each thing off on the column to the left for the various topics, I just provide you with the main page:

      Now the key thing about these cells are this. If you have never been there in that particular cell, then they should load with the new High Level Enemies in control (remember though, it is a chance based thing. If you are level 11 , say, you will get only a few of the new Level 10 dudes, the rest can be up to 75% lower level by Skyrim's Default. I would bet that HLE has an MCM menu for that, if you use SkyUI, however.Skyrim Immersive Creatures has one, and it has a built-in Cell Respawner, allowing you to update all the cells in one day instead of waiting 31 Skyrim days (although he explains how to do that by Skyrim's Console commands as well.)

      Now if this is in a new game with HLE from Campaign Start to Level 11 -- then it probably is a mod order thing. Or you didn't do a Bashed Patch, if that was needed.The Bashed Patch will combine all the leveled list stuff so that everything is included, if it is needed. SIC says you must do a Bashed Patch, and he makes his stuff very compatible with HLE, so I'm guessing that HLE which adds to the leveled lists ALSO needs a Bashed Patch, which must be rebuilt each time you change you list of mods, so that the Bashed Patch is up to date.

      Hope that helps. I've not yet installed this. I'm going to do so tonight, using the combo off SIC's page.But I wanted to try and help you out, just in case you have time off for the holidays. Best Wishes.

      Now if this is a brand new character, you won't see any major changes until Level 10, and I'd bet it is more like Level 11. Remember, most of the names if not all the names of the enemies will be the same. You won't tell by names.