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Oblisan team mod

Nordic specialist two-handed battle, level up, +1000, in life, magic, and stamina. Is marriageable.
-One "hot" ebony sword

-This mod includes textures and meshes of the face, no more dark faces.
My thanks to Oblivionlaserie gave me material for this to be possible.

Where is it?.
-At Riverwood, in the tavern, usually around.
-If Elendyl not appear, open SkyrimLancheur-data file and make sure it is checked. Doing this appears in the Tavern.


Recommended mods To look younger as in the photos

Installation: NMM recommended.

Manual: Copy all content in the Skyrim data folder, answered yes when asked.

Uninstall: remove the Data folder of the Skyrim installation file Elendyl.esp
Open the folder Meshes-actors-character-FaceGenData-FaceGeom and delete Elendyl.esp
Open the folder Textures-Actors-Character-FaceGenData-FaceTint and delete elendyl.esp

- Bethesda for making Skyrim.
- Nexus for giving me the opportunity to publish.
- My Family, for their patience.
- And my Team, a small group, which unites the same illusion, make it bigger, the Oblisan team.

Contact sites (Spanish)

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