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So I found the Ebony Blade in the depths of Whiterun but didn't wanna go around killing friends with it just to level it up.

So I've made a recipe under the Steel Smithing Perk.

It's a Two-Handed Blade, using the Vanilla Ebony Blade Model.

To make it you MUST have Arcane Smithing checked.

It requires:

3 Leather Strips.
3 Steel Ingots.
2 Refined Moonstone (All the best Samurai Blades are reputed to have Comet Iron in them, this is my approximation).
1 Silver Ingot.

Upgrading requires Corundrum Ingot.

Starting Stats:
Initial Damage = 54, with Critical Strike Damage of 20.
Weight = 17.
Value = 1300Gp.

At Legendary its Damage = 72

There is also no enchantment on it initially - Season to taste :)

This is a small thanks for everybody elses uploads that I've made use of.

Enjoy . . .