Sleeping Tree Sanctuary - Follower Friendly add-on by eldiabs
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Added: 03/12/2012 - 09:02AM
Updated: 03/12/2012 - 09:09AM

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Last updated at 9:09, 3 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 9:02, 3 Dec 2012

Was pissed with all the Hearthfire bugs and lameness, and wanted to reboot an old favorite of Sleeping Tree Sanctuary it was! Seriously, with Hearthfire and all that effort to build such a crappy home, for what? The mannequins eat armor, bards play music while the interior cell music blares along, display cases still puke out almost anything you put into them, the layout of the alchemy and enchanting additions are horrible (going upstairs and downstairs to retrieve shite)'s like it was made for xbox...

Any way, you'll need the full version of STS for this to work. This esp just adds a hidden door that followers can use to access the sanctuary. Make sure the Sleeping Tree Sanctuary.esm is loaded or it will crash. I won't be supporting this or STS, so feel free to do whatever with the portions of STS I created (pretty much everything BUT the quests and scripts). This esp took all of 5 minutes with testing so who knows what it will explode.