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Added: 03/12/2012 - 05:08AM
Updated: 10/05/2016 - 07:34PM

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Last updated at 19:34, 10 May 2016 Uploaded at 5:08, 3 Dec 2012

The Mysterious Island is a tropical island with dwemer-aztec south of valentwood, was populated by argonian and then enslaved by the dwemer to built there underwater lab, u will see ruins that might look like atlantis, dwemer-aztec style cavern with pyramids, collection of statues to collect
65, will take a while to get the collection as its ramdom drop,loot,etc

i built it for a crafting mod with lots of mining to be had, if u can survive the dangerous waters....
but some good place to hid underwater,new meshes all out only like 10 % is vanila meshes

3 section underwater lab, the middle section is the living quarters
dwemer-aztec house u can walk in, no warp around the beach


The file,water plants still doesn`t give ingredients, will update, i might add a 7 wonders of the world to islands around the main island as i find it empty, got like 5 ancient wonders made up


first i`m french, so might be some bad english spelling!!

90 % is custom meshes[ in the mod ] with 80 % my own meshes,20% freeware, rest is vanila, a lot of stuff [custom] was from oblivion i made and transfer here,but a lot are new.

Here is my tropical island i made, so much to add not sure where to start...

well its a dwemer-aztec mix buildings on a tropical island

mod is made for the crafters like me, but made with hearthfire in mind, as there is mines to gather [ 7]

there is ruins to search and visit underwater

a big lab with living quarters, with all kinds of crafting stuff

retextured creatures, not that much, but enough to fit in, there could be tons more, i got bored [ next update maybe ]

tropical trees

tropical fish

a dwemer-aztec ruins cave with mining,etc

some new weapons

waters are dangerous , beware, adding a few creature that will kill u fast.

a dwemer-aztec house to live in with all kinds of crafting stuff

6 shipwrecks

65 collectable statues
3 spell to teleport u to your Dwemer aztec house,Underwater Lab, or to Skyrim


will be some clipping as there is 1200 + fish and i didn`t check all of them, i check most, but i`m sure there is
still a few that will clip through sand, etc, hoping there isn`t
also some 3rd person clipping, not sure i can fix those , as its the collisions i`m missing for the custom meshes, also some creatures will clip for sure, some creatures don`t respect the vanila
collision, so they will not respect mine, example, they will go through walls, the Leopard will not go through walls, but it can open the door and windows, trained cat.

Beware very dangerous place, u might not survive long if u don`t run, some places u will need to run... maybe Leopards don`t like water much, they might, crabs like land and sea, if u run,
expect to have lots of creatures after u, tons of places on land and in the sea to hide [ low lv charector]

so where is it, its on a island North of Valenwood, u will find a spellbook in the riftenorigin = market in riften, type coc RiftenOrigin if u want to get there fast
or type coc 1mjyaztec003 to get to the island, but the spell in riften is nice to have if your playing the game
there will be some updates with time for sure

u might have prob with playing it if u don`t install it in the right place, bad saved file, load order, add it at the top if u can or close to it or use boss for pluging order
if u didn`t update your skyrim, there isn`t supposed to be a conflict as every custom file got 1mjy in it, i should be the only one using that name i think, never know

It has been clean up with tesedit, speacial ty for a great program.