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Mariette LaFleur - Breton Mage Follower by KleptoHeart
Skyrim » Companions
Added: 03/12/2012 - 04:10AM
Updated: 14/01/2013 - 05:15PM

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Uploaded by KleptoHeart


Last updated at 17:15, 14 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 4:10, 3 Dec 2012

Name: Mariette LaFleur
Version: 1.2
Date: 1/14/2012
Category: Companion - Other
Author: KleptoHeart

Change Log
1.2 - Fixed issue with Mariette attacking Ancano >.<
1.1 - Fixed Dark face thing by adding the NIF file I forgot to add...

I thought it would be neat to make my Mage Character to be a follower, so this was made for myself, but now you can enjoy too!

I gave her a weekly AI so she isn't just standing around waiting and I did a make over to the unused room on the second floor of the Hall of Attainment at the College of Winterhold to give her a place to live so she fits in with the world better. At least that's what I think anyway. If anyone is having trouble finding her, she moves around from the Hall of Attainment, to the Arcanaeum, to the Hall of The Elements, and Back to her room area. In the evening on Loredas you might find her at the Frozen Hearth in Winterhold. She isn't marriageable because she is a mage and has important mage things to do instead of tending to your laundry.

This is my first mod ever, so please let me know what you think. ^-^

College Of Winterhold

Known Issues or Bugs
None (That I know of...)

I guess you can send me a message on TESNexus.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
Thanks to my dog Rosco.
Thanks to my friend Endeavour for annoying me to try out the Creation Kit.