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An elderly adventurer/explore can help you find places you have overlooked. Talk to Darian in the Sleeping Giant Inn.

Are you looking for something to do in Skyrim? Are you tired of Radiant Quests? Perhaps you are grinding for levels? There may still be places you haven’t explored. Darian can help. Talk to him at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. He can suggest a place to travel where the map marker is not visible. Traveling to the location will complete the quest. If you discover the location and the map marker becomes visible, he won’t suggest that location again. If you don’t like the suggestion, he gave you, talk to him to abandon the quest and then talk to him again and he will try to suggest another. The quest is repeatable.

If Darian does not have a suggestion for you and you think he should, try leaving the Inn and coming back in through the door and talk to him.

If you subscribe to a mod that has new map markers, Darian may suggest them.
At this time, Darian will suggest map markers with MapMarkerRefType with the exception that a few markers that have been filtered out. For example, there are markers in Hearthfire that are blocked from being discovered. So, I found it really annoying to have him suggest them.

In vanilla Skyrim, Darian is programmed to suggest all except The Left Hand Mine. This marker has a different Location Reference Type to allow it to be disabled during an event. I plan on adding the ability for Darian to suggest this marker specifically in an update.

There are a number of markers in Dawnguard that he won’t suggest and also I have noticed that a few mods I have tried have markers that he won’t suggest. This is because these markers do not have MapMarkerRefType.

You only need one version. You can use Version 1 or Version 2. In version 2, There are markers in Hearthfire that will not be suggested because they cannot be discovered. Also, the case of no more markers to suggest has been handled better.

If you have problems, please try uninstalling and then start Skyrim and save your game with your character outside of the Sleeping Giant Inn. Then re-install.