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Instructions to use Jasmin ENB v6.0 realistic graphic

1. First, go to (ENB Site)

2. Please, Download ENB v0.119

3. Overwrite ENB v0.119 files with Jastmin ENB final Or you just have to send d3d9.dll file to Jasmin folder.

4. Open SkyrimPrefs.ini located in My Document\My Games\Skyrim

5. Find the line, bFloatPointRenderTarget=0 from [Display] tap, and replace the number 0 with 1
Save and exit
If that command line doesn't exist, input manually. This is a must to activate all the functions to use enb.

6. Make sure you don't use other graphic mods. If you have some installed already, delete those.

7. When you extract Jasmin enb v6.0 realistic, you would find 2 versions.

1) main folder

(1) Daytime brightness_high

1 high quality

2 middle quality

3 low quality

(2) Daytime brightness_low

1 high quality

2 middle quality

3 low quality

2) cinema folder



Choose one of them to your taste :) And open the folder.
Copy all the contents including d3d9.dll and paste them
into your Skyrim folder (not Data folder)

Applying the mod Enhanced Lights and FX (v0.1.1) Enhanced Night Skyrim (green) Skyrim Flora Overhaul (low) SweetFX Shader Suite (v1.3) Realistic Lighting With Customization (v3.5) Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM (v1.2) Lush Grass


The develpoer of ENB, Boris Vorontsov :

HD6 (enbeffect.fx) :

Matso (enbeffectprepass.fx) :

Realistic Lighting With Customization (v3.5) : SweetFX Shader Suite (v1.3)