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A Hidden Mine Near Riverwood

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DO NOT REPLACE!!! 1.1 with 1.2 yet!, i need help fixing the lights that don't work ingame, they work in the CK but not ingame.....

This mine is a copy and edit of "Redoran's Retreat" that makes it into a mine(Does not replace), with lots of valuables and ore veins, there are guards with ebony armor and weapons, they Will! Attack you when you enter, the key to the in-mine door is in the door, as if it was just left in the key hole, lots of barrels with ores in them and i think 6 with soul gems, there are sacks with jewels and few with diamonds.

The mine is located along the mountian side just north-east, not too far from riverwood, the front doors are not locked, so can just walk in, but it is hidden behind some trees i have placed, plus the way to the mine is kinda tricky, no jumping invalved, i have ran up there from riverwood myself to make sure it is possible and i have gotten there everytime, with out missing, but thats cause i know where it is, there are images in the folder along with the mod that shows you where it is.

Fixed Navmesh.
Raised Guards Levels and stats.(They're Stronger)
Fixed Jims Note.(Front page has text now)
Relocated guards.(They end up in another spot anyway, i need help with this)
Fixed Guards.(Guards no longer run or hide)

For A Better Version of this mine, use the following mod along with it:
Credits go to "thserpa" for creating and/or Posting the "Infinite Ore Veins" Mod.
If your having trouble getting there, you can type "coc 0xxRiverWoodDiamondMine"

Installation: Extract folder and drag the file in the folder that you have downloaded to "Skyrim/Data".


Extra Ingot Options for smelters:
Talia's Retreat:
Master Sub-Difficulties:

MODs are back online.
Skyrim Market Place: Find everything you need and more, for a price.(Part of another mod)
Hunter's Mansion: A place to cook and fish, and more.(0% Lost in deletion, Remaking)
The lost Temple:
A temple long lost, taken over by powerful creatures and Falmer Under the command of demons, and a portal.
An island in the sky, an angels Post to Protect skyrim from Demons, angel Weapons & Armor designs were past dawn to the elvens but not perfected as they were not forged in the Holy Forge, the only way there, is The Lost Temple.
Holy Magic, Weapons & Armors can be forged here, as long as you do not attack anything.
Catacombs To Hell:
With Multible Diablo-Like dungeons, they are sealed away from Skyrims surface, Filled with traps and creatures these places are Very Dangerous, deeper in the dungeons is a gate and a gate-guardien that seals the demons from getting out, past the gate are many powerful demons that would tear apart a mammoth like piranha, deeper down, past all the demons, is Hell!, everything is on fire, smoldering rivers, and many more demons with Large Devil Lords, and an Evil Demi-God, Ruler Of Hell.
The daedra Have Learned a lot from Hells teachings, there armor and weapons seem the same, but fail! in comparison to there Strangth and effects, as the Daedric's were not forged in the Hell Forge.
Evil magic, Weapons & Armors can be forged here as long as nothing is trying to kill you.