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Add Some armors from Tera Online.

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[size=+2]This is not lore friendly mod.[/size] Plz Do Not Bother me, because you don't like this mod. This mod is a standalone Tera armor mod and has no relation with asianboy345's Tera mod. You can use both mods independently or together if you want; there will be no conflict. Some of these armors' designs may look similar to asianboy's armors but that's because we both took our inspiration and 3D models from the same online game.
I have no plans for CBBE and Body slider.Face textures ahd hair mods are private mods. Do not ask about it, I won't asnwer.

[size=+2]Skyrim Patch 1.8 Require.[/size]This mod adds some Armors from Tera Online for UNP body. This mod does not support bodyslider. All of them are craftable and upgradable.

Add Human L20

Plz Refer ScreenShots.


I've got permission from En Mass Entertainment
Do not use it for any kind of way to gain profit, commericial purposes.
Do not distribute without my permission.

En Mass Entertainment - For Tera Online, Permission.
Bethesda - For Skyrim.
Hellosanta - Castanic L02 retexture & mesh fix, custom unp base body
Hurricane - For helping me to get permission by Translation.
sdd500 - HighElf L21 Male retexture
Tabgger53 - Castanic L18 retexture