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A lore friendly, Argonian-based armor with armored tail!

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[size=15]Argonian Mercenary Armor[/size]
With Tail Armor!

The two warriors met before the Empress and Imperial Council
in the arena, which had been flooded slightly to simulate the swampy conditions of Black Marsh.
From the moment Saccus saw Eul in his suit of heavy ebony and blazing dai-katana and Beraid in his collection of dusty,
rusted lizard-scales and spear from Hazadir's shop, he knew who would win.
And he was right.

Taken from the story The Armorer's Challenge.

Big Update!

We are now coming up on update 1.3! And with 1.3, there are some major updates.
The Major Updates are:
Female Version Added
New upper body armor! this will be the heavy version. (Original is still light)

Now, this is important:
The Heavy Version is called Plated Argonian Armor. This set consists of gloves, boots and armor.
The Original mercenary armor is still called, and look, the same.
A Female version is added. This is currently only availible in light.

So there you have it!
Mayfly and myself do hope you will enjoy it!
Happt playing

Mayfly53 and Spyke

?Announcement!? Cyrax and myself has launched a Steam group, dedicated to Argonians. Make sure you swing by, and check it out! We would love to have you as a member!
The Black Marsh - Argonian Community Group

My mod has been featured, again!

This Armor was made from the desire of creating more Argonian-based armor for myself and the players of Skyrim. I know, from reading forum posts and talking with the comunnity, that this is something that players want to see; a light, fully supported Argonian armor, with armored tail. And yes... the tail, is as you may have noticed, armored!

Now, some info about what you are looking at:
- A Deadric light armor
- A Daedric Heavy armor
- Cuirass, Gloves and Boots(both heavy and light)
- Female Version (light)
- A armor for the tail
- The tail armor is standalone, witch means that you can use it without the armor
- Craftable at any forge, given you have the needed items

Note: The Bandolier used is the vial holder from Dragten's awesome mod, Bandolier - Bags and Pouches!

I want you to upload a picture of YOUR awesome argonian with the Argonian Mercenary Armor!

How do i get it?:
You can craft the armor at any forge.
If you like to break the game experience, you can use the console ;)
To do this, you will have to do the following:
- Open the Console
- Type: Help Argonian
- Page up until you find the following
(xxxxxxx): Argonian Mercenary Armor
(xxxxxxx): Argonian Mercenary Boots
(xxxxxxx): Argonian Mercenary Gloves
(xxxxxxx): Argonian Mercenary Tail

- Type: player.additem (xxxxxxx) 1

For those wishing to use the red body tint.
Download the optional file.
If you have a existing Argonian:
Open the Console and type:
- setplayerrace

- Fixed Tail Clipping
- Tail armour rating and weight is fixed.
- Tail armour is now improvable.
- Added ArmourHelmet property to tail so players can benefit from the Well Fitted perk with this set without needing to equip a helmet.

- Mayfly - a brilliant modder, took the liberty
of fixing the .esp file. Now anyone that
experiences the armor not showing up, download
the update and any problems should be fixed.
- Mayfly53 added a improvement recipe,
you can now improve the armor at any forge.

-Added World Item
-Now Craftable

-Fixed Tail clipping in the armor
-Fixed 1st person black gloves

-Added Armor for Beta testing

Future Plans:
- Fixing problems, if reported
- A beutiful retexture of the armor, hopefully soon to come!
- Quest to aquire the armor
- May create a mod with armored tails for all vanilla armors
- Continuing making Argonian mods!

Many Thanks to Cyrax for help in difficult situations, and Kirsten Harper from furaffinity for creating this awesome picture and letting me use it in this mod. Kirsten will soon launch her very own website, so that's something to stay tuned for.

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