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This stand-alone version of Icicle Valley is no longer supported. It is now part of the epic mod...

(Not available for SSE.)

ICICLE VALLEY provides many hours of questing adventure through original world-spaces, battling hordes of enemies with dozens of unique spells and so on. There is not one all-encompassing story arc here, and nobody is going to walk up to you in game and tell you what to do. Grab a ride from one of the supply carts near the stables in Riften or Whiterun, and you'll be in Icicle Valley before you know it.

There are dozens of quests and adventures in this mod. Join the School Of Spellcasting, free some prisoners from Ft. Ostrefjell, explore a dwemer ruin. Perhaps the most challenging struggle awaits you in Castle Aegathon. Taking the castle and earning the title of Lord of Icicle Valley will open up more questing possibilities. As lord you may upgrade the castle, raise new banners, sell vacant houses, find ways to finance your city and expand your realm.

QUESTING: Quest-related characters are generally voiced. Listen to your quest-givers, read notes, journals, and letters.

ENEMIES: While any level player can enjoy Icicle Valley, it was created to give higher-level players something to do. Enemies in this mod will kill you. They aren't just tougher, there are a LOT more of them. You may have to adjust your fighting style. This isn't...kill a couple bandits while you talk on the phone time. I suggest stocking up on potions.

HOME PURCHASE: Not ready to take the castle just yet? Valley View is a player-home with upgrade options, located just inside the front gate up the stairs to the right. Read the brochure on the table for more info on how to purchase and furnish this home. Decide against buying? Tell Anders, and he'll sell it to someone else.

School of Spellcasting is a unique school, as such many of the spells available here are different than those found elsewhere. To balance rewards with the challenges presented, some loot items are quite powerful. Use, sell or leave them. I just bake free cookies, don't complain if they aren't the type you like.

QUESTIONS? If you have a question about a quest, or a location (not a comment in question form) go to the
Qaxe's Questorium page and ask there. Be sure to clarify "I'm using the standalone version of ..."

COMPLAINTS: Keep them to yourself. This is a GIFT; NOT a PRODUCT. Our ideas on immersion, lore and normalcy probably differ. Avoid complaining when you dislike things you get for free.

CRAVE MORE ADVENTURE? Qaxe Questorium contains over 60 quests, with around 80 custom-voiced characters, dozens of custom spells, over 100 new textures, unique items, drinks, custom-voiced MALE followers, player-homes, towns, spread out in 8 custom world-spaces. QQ is the ONLY mod with a male, Akavirii (Japanese) speaking, Argonian smuggler.

PERMISSIONS: NO. This mod was provided by the author as a free service, and is the creative property of the author. This mod is available exclusively on
NexusMods. The author does NOT give permission for re-uploading this mod, translations of this mod, edits/renditions/merges of this mod on this or any other websites.

Thank you NexusMods.
My gratitude and warm regards to those who have sent donations. Thank you.
Thank you friends who contributed to this mod...
Old Book: Ideas, advice, characters, OAK&IV Skyrim Videos and support.
Michael Butchin: Voices and everything Voryn Dreleth related.
Anna Castiglioni of Anna NPCs: Voices
Jessica Osborne: Voices
JKNJB & Jim Belfiore: voices
Lizzard: voices
Pandanami & Luna: voices

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