Christmas Advent Calendar by T3rRoR_SoLdi3R
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Did you always wanted to have an Advent Calendar in Skyrim? Now you can by downloading this mod!
Every day I'm going to make an update at about 10am (gmt +1), so you can open the next chest. I'm going to do this until the 24. of December.

Special thanks to "MMOxReview" and all the other people who made videos about my mod, that means really a lot to me.

If you don't want to update manually then download this mod on the steam workshop, so everytime when you start your skyrim, it automaticly updates to the newest version.


Where to find the room:

You will find the trapdoor wich allows you to enter the room in "Alvors and Sigrids House" in Riverwood (screenshot). When you enter the room, there is going to play a christmas song. :D

What gifts do you get:

With this mod, you will get a huge variety of different unique gifts like weapons, armor, spelltome, food, poitions and more! Every item has got an enchantment or an effect that is made by me, so they are 100% unique and you qon't find anything similar in the vanilla game.

Bugs: None known

If you like this mod please leave a comment with some feedback.
Hope you like it and have a nice day! :)