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Simple mods that adds the ability block while Unarmed.

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I like to play Khajiit, and I like to play Unarmed. The lack of blocking still irritates me after a year of Skyrim, so I threw together a quick hack to fix it. This is not pretty or elegant. It does work though, with minimal fuss.

This mod adds 14 pieces of craftable armor. They act like shields, only they're invisible. These pieces of armor are designed to replicate the stats of a shield of the appropriate materials, even though the base items are gauntlets. They craft and temper as you'd expect, matching the perk requirements for the various materials. Since they act like shields, you can wear them at the same time as your normal gauntlets.

Light Adaptations:
Hide, Leather, Elven, Scaled Steel, Glass, Dragonscale, and an Elite version

Heavy Adaptations:
Iron, Steel, Dwarven, Orcish, Ebony, Daedric, and an Elite version

The new items are called Gauntlet Armor... e.g. Leather Gauntlet Armor.

The elite adaptations are called Light and Heavy Kote, and require an ingot of every metal type, but they allow for one extra step past the strongest shield in the game.

I have not taken the time to generate new animations for this. Maybe in the future. The current animation has the nifty side effect that when you shield bash, it looks like you're throwing a quick jab (in 3rd person), or like you're actively blocking a strike (in 1st person).

2 versions are available... one for standard Skyrim, and one with armor values compensated for SkyRe.

Apologies to the early adopters; v1.1 may or may not be a seamless upgrade from 1.0.1 and 1.0. A couple things needed to be rearranged to make it play nice with the Creation Kit.

With the 1.2 release, I'm done, except for bug fixes and maintenance. Let me know if you find anything.

FIXED in 1.2:
- Fix glaring oversight in armor values for SkyRe version
- Add an extra light and heavy adaptation for elite smiths

FIXED in 1.1:
- Add 6 Heavy Armor options
- Increased value of Scaled Gauntlet Armor

FIXED in 1.0.1:
- Fix Leather Gauntlet Armor Bug in SkyRe compatible version
- Add Scaled Gauntlet Armor (bring Light Armor options up to 6)

- Initial Release