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This mod recreates Spells from Oblivion and Morrowind. Most of the magic effects were already in the game, but were limited solely to racial powers, like nighteye, alchemy effects, such as damage magicka, or purely to certain types of npcs, such as waterwalking. This mod takes these effects and makes them into full fledged spells, with several levels of effectiveness. All spells are added to appropriate leveled lists and therefore appear at the correct vendors and in random loot. Nothing here should seem immersion breaking and without prior knowledge, these spells should seem like part of the game.

Magic Effects Included in this Mod:

Weakness to fire
Weakness to frost
Weakness to shock
Damage Magicka
Disintegrate Armor-decreases an opponent's armor's effectiveness
Cure poison
Cure disease
Resist Fire
Resist Frost
Resist Shock
Spell Absorption- as a powerful master level spell, finally a master spell that's worth using
Fortify Speed
Water walk
Night eye
Charm- implemented as a fortify barter spell

Feedback is highly needed, this mod is essentially in a beta stage and while it should be stable is not necessarily perfect. If any spells seem too expensive or cheap or unbalanced please tell me in the comments. In other words, if you hate this mod tell me why. If you like it, also tell me why. For testing purposes, all added spells are included in the all spell tomes container in QAsmoke.