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Added: 30/11/2012 - 08:38AM
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Last updated at 8:43, 30 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 8:38, 30 Nov 2012

Adds 3 new channeled 'feather' spells to Alteration that reduce your encumbrance... or to put it another way, increase your maximum carry weight and grant small speed buffs.
There are other mods that add similar spells, but I wanted to make my own because I felt that a channeled spell that also gives a speed boost would be more pleasing. I've really tried to make these spells 'feel cool' to use.

I've spent many hours balancing them and getting them to work, and I think they are really nice now. A non-mage character can, with a bit of difficulty, use these spells to haul all that junk out of a dungeon to their horse. Anything more than a short burst of movement and they will soon run low on magicka.
An experienced mage however can channel these spells for quite some time for some very nice speed buffs (useful for combat hmm), especially if they are well versed in Alteration.
Care has also been given to make these level your alteration skill in a balanced manner.

LIGHTEN LOAD - Apprentice
Reduces encumbrance by 25 and grants a 10% speed boost.
If dual cast (with perk) this translates to 62 carry weight, and 25% speed boost.

Reduces encumbrance by 50 and grants a 15% speed boost.
If dual cast this translates to 125 carry weight, and 37.5% speed boost.

PACK MULE - Expert
Reduces encumbrance by 100 and grants a 20% speed boost.
If dual cast this translates to 250 carry weight, and 50% speed boost.

Use NMM...
Manual? Drop the esp in your /data folder, activate it in launcher.

The spells are sold by the College of Winterholds Alteration master, Tolfdir.
If you can't wait then open the console and type help "Lighten Load", find the spell tome entry and then type player.additem (entry number) 1.
Repeat for the other two tomes.

I run this with Awakened Magicka.
Bashed patch should sort any conflicts with tolfdir. I will be releasing my own personal levelled list version soon.

Thanks to Theroguex for Feather Spells and Tomes. I looked to that mod for Inspiration/to learn some things I wasn't sure how to do, if Unburdened isn't for you perhaps that mod will be.

Thanks to the thousands of nameless forum people I saw while googling a fix to the speedmult problem.

Future Plans
I'm planning on adding quite a few more spells to the game to make the other schools viable for full use. I'm also hoping that I can make another alteration spell to permanently alter the weight of items.

Thats about it, Have fun!

PS: I'm a total noob at this side of modding, so if any experts around here want to take a look at the mod and check it over please do! Everything seems to work fine though :D