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This mod is simple. It adds more NPCs to Sovngarde. However, not just any old NPC... the NPCs added are characters of past Elder Scroll titles, chiefly... TESIII: Bloodmoon Expansion and from TES: Oblivion. That's right. For those familiar and have played through the Bloodmoon Expansion, ALL those slaughted by the Udyrfrykte at Thirsk reappear in Sovngarde as an example. Below are the characters added and a brief summary. In general I'm improving Sovngarde itself.. Perhaps I'll gain entry into Sovngarde myself! Obviously armor isn't going to be the same.. Different game.. But I try.. e.g. Agnar the Unwavering had a fur shield and steel axe on his body. In Sovngarde he has a hide shield and a steel axe.

Dialogue and many improvements are also planned, more details below.

READ: For those who have finished the game and unable to return to Sovngarde... Unless of course you have mods that allow you to return. CONSOLE COMMANDS ARE: coc sovngarde01 to get there OR possibly create a portal (I don't know if the portal up in that Nordic ruin is still acessable though)/ reopen the portal. The mod is still in early stages.. But I don't think a clean save is necessary as of yet.

I can't decide on a suitable title for this mod either... But the intention is clear.

CHARACTERS ADDED: Please look in Images Section for comparisons/in-game look.


Svenja Snow-Song was a Nord huntress who resided at Thirsk . She survived the Mead Hall Massacre by the newly unleashed Udyrfrykte, released from its lair after the 'fire in the lake'appears, and afterwards serves as a steward of sorts... For the Nerevarine. It was revealed in Oblivion she got married with Agnar the Unwavering and began suffering from nightmares, haunted by the massacre... And so they both set out to slay the matron beast.

Unfortunately, she was consumed whole and her gruesome remains can be recovered from the very belly of the beast that consumed her. Now, she and her husband find peace and victory in Sovngarde, reunited by her former comrades at Thirsk.


Agnar the Unwavering was a Nord, the next chieften after the Nerevarine who dissapeared, presumably a trip to Akavir. He married Svenja and later accompanied her to defeat the matron of the beast which massacred nearly all at Thirsk's mead hall. He was killed by the very beast that slew his beloved and later, his body found by the Champion of Cyrodiil. He is now reuinited with Svenja in Sovngarde.


Hrothmund the Red was the first chieften of Thirsk, known by his trusty axe. Consumed whole by Ondage the wolf which was killed later by the Nords of Thirsk. He now boasts of his deeds forevermore at Sovngarde.


Andrelheim and Ulfrun, members of Thirsk, killed by the Udyrfrykte. They do what they do best in Sovngarde... Drinking lots of mead.


Skjoldr Wolf Runner, chieften of Thirsk before the Nerevarine and later killed by the Udyrfrykte. He now drinks mead forevermore with his fellow comrades of Thirsk.


Adds past Thirsk chieftains to Sovngarde. As mentioned in the Revised History of Thirsk (,_A_Revised_History)


Obviously its still early stages... Differentiation in NPC voice and animations (how they walk) will be dealt with later. I know they aren't strictly wearing their original armors... But I will try to tweak it a little and may add armors from other mods to get it as close to the original.

I may double the amount of 'generic heroes/heroines' in Sovngarde. More AI packages... It seems boring after a while. And... Come on? Sovngarde has existed since the beginning of time? Well I think so, and yet its empty? Unless nearly every Nord worships daedra or something else... Or its very hard to get in...

Of course I may be missing NPCs... So let me know who you think (out of the Nords) should be in Sovngarde. I'm considering adding the Harbingers mentioned in the 'Great Harbingers'book. Kodlak himself DID have a dream of Harbingers up before the 'betrayal'going to Sovngarde... Even that elf who became a Harbinger.

Improving the facial look is also important.

I may also add unique dialogue to EACH NPC, in this mod, telling their story of how they died. A sort of similar thing to the Cavern of the Incarnate and the ghosts for those familiar ;) I MAY add quests too! For example, some of the heroes may request a retrieval of their posessions or something... And once returned, allows you to summon them in combat!

With the Dragonborn DLC coming out. I could implement the above suggestion (quests) into the mod... MAYBE.

How much I add to this mod is dependant on user feedback and download.

For some reason Hrothmund the Red won't wear his armor... Will release a fix for this. Other than that I don't know any since the MAIN file only ADDS NPCs and completely new dialogue + planned quests. As such no original content was edited other than the cell. Optional files, however, will modify the look of certain NPCs e.g. Ulfgar for continuinity/flow from previous games.


Extract esp file to Data, load Launcher to ensure it is loaded.


Delete the esp file from Data, load save and make a clean save. DONE! No scripts included. Just a Simple esp.


- Hrothmund the Red is taller, has Nordic carved armor and new axe
- Over 24 new Sovngarde heroes! 10 of which are generic, though each have unique faces whilst the other 14 are past Thirsk chieftains.
- Some of the heroes added by this mod now have Dragonborn weapons or armor.

- Added 10 Generic Sovngarde heroes (Not duplicates of the original. Each unique. 5 females and 5 males.). Skjolder Wolf-Runner and Hrothmund the Red now have dialogue. Added Gunjar (you know? When Ralof tells you to loot his body?), Lilja (Snow-Shod family's daughter) and Roggvir (the executed man at Solitude)

- More tweaks to inventory, to match their original outfits in Bloodmoon aka 200+ years earlier. Svenja now has chainmail armor. Agnar now has dialogue. Tweaked NPC body weight.

- Fixed naked Hrothmund. Tweaks to added NPCs (Weapon changes and facial tweaks). Dialogue added to Svenja

- Initial Release

Original mod by ME
Bethesda for Elder Scrolls
Teh-Husky, author of Morrowind Armors for Skyrim:

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+750 Dialogue plus other features. This mod adds a companion with her own backstory, character and personality. Features commentaries and location based dialogues WIP.