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Added: 30/11/2012 - 02:42AM
Updated: 04/10/2015 - 10:16PM

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Last updated at 22:16, 4 Oct 2015 Uploaded at 2:42, 30 Nov 2012


Ever wandering through Skyrim and miss how many bandit camps there were in oblivion or Morrowind? This mod changes that! Now there are several more Bandit camps, highwaymen and stories to go along with them!

Explore Skyrim like never before!
-This mod adds 30+ Bandit campsites to the world of Skyrim, most with their own stories, new unique bandit NPC's and various highwaymen locations. The rugged world of Skyrim will seem more dangerous and exciting with these additions.

-The campsites range from big fort styled camps with stockade walls and towers, to small detailed campsites with interesting loot and stories.

There are two different versions for this mod:

EXPLORERS EDITION- A more Immersive version of this mod which takes away the undiscovered visible map markers, making you have to find the bandit camps yourself during your journey through Skyrim!
ORIGINAL VERSION- The original version of this mod has visible map markers included already, so you can find your way to any of the camps at any time!

-This is my first mod, well uploaded mod, and I am going to continue to add more and more camps to this mod after every update, so download and tell me what you think!

P.S. if you have any ideas that you would want to share with me, go to the camp ideas topic listed and tell me them! Don't worry, I will give you credit.
Update Version 1.1 added:
- Fix problems for working with other mods
- Added 5 more camps
- Now camp markers are visible, but you must travel to them and find them first before being able to fast travel.
Update Version 1.2 added:
- Fixed unmarked camp
- Added 4 more camps
- Fixed one problem with Vingar the Wildling not appearing at camp Snowfall.
Update Version 1.3 added:
- Fixed spawns of some highwaymen locations
- Added the Explorer's Edition
- Added 7 more camps.
- Adds more highwaymen locations
Update Version 1.4 added:
- Fixed conflict with Camp Bronin not working with immersive creatures.
- Fixed floating fire outside Camp steadwatch.
- Added 3 more Camps, 2 large and 1 small.
- Adds another highwayman location.
Last Update Version 2.0 added (Big thanks to moose109 for fixing the problems I hadnt been able to!!)
- Fixes all navmesh problems

NOTE: I am sorry to say that updates to this mod will be coming slowly because I am currently working on a new, very lore friendly new world mod that has been taking up most of my creation kit time. I have no idea when the mod will be complete but right now I would say that it is about 40% completed. I will post an empty mod page about it sometime soon if people would like that.

List of Bandit Camps:
Camp Frostcliff
Camp Jolfingand
Camp Hjroldaar
Camp Snowfall
Camp Mossfall
Camp Steadwatch
Camp Overwatch
Camp Arcius
Camp Cloverhedge
Camp Bronin
Camp Vallus
Camp Redfox
Camp Percius
Birchwood Camp
Goldmill Camp
Riverside Camp
Lochwind Camp
Cammona Tong Hideout
Glacier Camp
Wakefield Camp
Egour's Camp
Outcast Camp
Sweetwater Camp
Yellowhedge Camp
Shelfrock Camp
Coastwatch Camp
Marshwalk Camp
Marshside Camp
Shipwreck Camp
Dead Drop Camp

More camps are added in each update!