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Added: 29/11/2012 - 05:11AM
Updated: 30/11/2012 - 02:17PM

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Last updated at 14:17, 30 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 5:11, 29 Nov 2012

Sorry for the Rapid-fire updates --'
I recommend using NMM to be sure you have the latest version!
V0.0.3 is out!

This is my personal ENB.

I do not pretend to have a balanced, flawless, all-situations preset at all. This is simply what I put up so far using Matso's Visual Immersion III preset as a base (so if you like my preset, endorse both of us!)

This ENB currently is NOT optimized for Climates of Tamriel. This is however planned.

Q:What enb version do I need?
A: This preset was made to work with ENB v1.19 Download it from the official website

v0.02: Fixed Interior being too bright and just making me want to run back outside.
v0.03: Fixed "green" ambient, turned off SSAO from ENB (Use Nvidia Control panel, please), DoF tweaks, performance optimization, no "performance" version for now. Also un-fixed interior ambient a bit, was WAY too dark in jorrvaskr.