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Sorry for my funny English.. I'm Taiwanese.


This is a simple facial makeover mod, Currently has 2 versions :

D1 -

Aims to make Delphine more beautiful, and also increase her Agent & Warrior feeling,
through the cool hair, sharp eyes, and scars as gift from Thlamor.

And if you use face retexture with it, you can turn "AUNT" Delphine into "SISTER" Delphine!
( All of my screenshots are using Navetsea Face Retexture, and ENB. )

D2 - Older Age Version

Hardcore immersion for hardcore player !!

I seriously recommended ENB to smooth the skin. lol

And now both of D1 & D2 have Vanilla Hair Version.

---- MOD USED ----


-REQUIRED. (Unless you choose vanilla hair version.)

(SPECIAL THANKS for apachii's license!!!)

Navetsea Face Retexture

-Not Required.
You can use vanilla or any other face textures,
but Delphine will looks Slightly Different than my Screenshots.

High Quality Eyes

-Not Required.

Project Matso ENB

-Not Required.
And I guess you already have your own ENB Choice.

---- IMPORTANT ----

This mod has 2 versions : Delphine Makeover Navetsea & Delphine Makeover Standard.

Just Remember, if you are a Navetsea Face Retexture user, Download the Navetsea version.
And vanilla users, or all other face retexture users, just download the Standard version.

( If you wanna switch face textures from Navetsea to others, or from others to Navetsea. Switch the version too! )

Why I do this ? Because this is a solution for a tricky CK outport problem with Navetsea's Textures.
It might cause a issue about lips colour showing incorrectly.

I don't wanna spend too much time to explain this issue,
so just remember that simple principle, and you'll be fine^^

---- Installation ----

Basic NMM Install, or just manually override the Data folder, then active esp.
Easy enough for everyone.

--- Compatibility & Conflict ---

Will conflict with other mods that change Delphine's face too, of course.
Otherwise, should be no problem at all.

If you find any, please let me know.

--- Update History ---

See the changes button on top.

--- Credits ---

Besthesda, and the whole wonderful mod community.