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The Nine traveling Bards of Skyrim

A bard was a professional poet, employed by a patron, such as a monarch or nobleman, to commemorate the patron’s ancestors and to praise the patron’s own activities.This mod allows these bards to play outside on request. All of them as of now (V1.3) follow you also. There is still No dialogue after You click "Hello, Do you sing?" isn't a big problem through. (The line the bards usually say when you click "Can i make a request?" its the "Sure what can i do for you?")

NBOS - Summed up.

This adds nine bards to skyrim one for each hold.

they will sandbox around the town NOT INSIDE THE INN'S

The bards will play outside on request you just have to wait a couple of seconds.

There was a version before this that was on another page but i have removed that as it completely stuffed up my game and all the bards wouldn't play on request (evin the stock ones wouldn't work) since then i have fixed the problems after some extensive getting shittyness. I am sorry if you did download that version and it did stuff up your game. i have learned to make backups of my skyrim.esm and update.esm .

If updating please do a clean install. so load up your game remove any armor you may of put onto the followers then quit the game. open up your skyrim/data folder and delete Travbardjiub.esp then start your game back up save quit then put the new version. this is recommended because if a bard is playing weird quest can still be playing (so Music may still be going).

First time just extract contents into your Skyrim/data folder.

NOTE: requires the latest version of skyrim

Delete TravBardJiub.Esp and Other files related to this .esp Including Travbardjiub.bsl
or if installed by NMM use that program to uninstall/delete.

Where do the bards Hang out?
I have moved this to the read-me section of this page.

Good mods to use;

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