Macromancy 2 - Size-Changing Spells by harbinger and Vanax8991
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Version 0.9.b is out!
Spells speed increased due to popular demand, all spells now have dual cast effects, I am aware NPC sizes reset when you restart the game until you hit them with another spell, a fix is in the works, and the spells 'grow' and 'shrink' still cast very slowly, but their dual casts are much faster, left the single cast slow in case you want to fine tune your character size, especially when shrinking at higher levels of Alteration. And lastly, the only AV's that are used by this mod now are Fame (Current size) and Infamy (Max size), so yay for compatibility!
Before upgrading please completely uninstall the previous version as usual. (I'm not kidding, if you don't the old script will continue to run even after its deleted.)

For the time being Farengar in Dragons Reach, Whiterun, has the spell tome containing all spells.
Feedback and suggestions are GREATLY appreciated! :)


Macromancy 2 is a remake of harbinger86's Macromancy mod. (Can be found under optional files)

Macromancy 2 aims to create a slightly different experience than the original Macromancy mod, instead of allowing the player to change their size and the the size of NPC's without limits, Macromancy 2 forces you to steal size from your enemies in order to become larger.
Also, instead of a spell like Titans Wrath from Macromancy, Macromancy 2 will have similar effects happen automatically as the player increases (or decreases) in size.
As the player becomes larger your health and damage will increase, (Carry weight planned) and at a certain height people will become staggered by your footsteps. (Sounds and damage planned)
And as you become smaller the same stats decrease in the same way.

The mod includes the following spells:
  • Absorb Size - The caster absorbs size from the target and becomes larger, unfortunately the transfer of size isn't perfect and the target ends up shrinking more than you grow. If you manage to kill someone by shrinking them too small you will permanently absorb some of their stats.
  • Give Size - The caster gives their size to the target, unfortunately the transfer has the same efficiency as Absorb Size.
  • Mass Absorb Size - The caster absorbs the size of all creatures caught within the explosion, slightly more efficient size transfer than the regular spells due to the extra magic power used to cast it. Killing with this spell also results in permanent stat gains.
  • Restore Size - Restores the casters size a scale of one, but does not lower the casters max potential size.
  • Grow - The caster begins to grow back to their max potential size.
  • Shrink - The caster shrinks and becomes smaller. (Benefits are planned for being small, ex. Stealth.)
  • Consume Dragon Soul - Consume 10 dragon souls to increases your stats and your size.
  • Consume Size - Reduces your max size but increases your stats in exchange.

-------Upcoming Features-------

Features that will be in version 1.0:
Automatic camera adjustments - This one will take a while, I want it to use your custom camera values to respect your personal preference and scale them up properly as your size is increased.
Completing this will bring the mod to what I can consider version one.

-------Planned Features-------

  • Stomping damage when at a large size.
  • Stomping sounds when at a large size.
  • Health damage to targets when using absorb size and like spells. {Done}
  • Dual cast effects for all spells, currently only Grow has a dual cast effect. {Done}
  • Quest to acquire spells instead of buying them, will likely be a dungeon filled with giant monsters.
  • A way to check your max size.
  • Bug fixes when the bugs arrive.
  • Anything you guys want that's a good idea.


The most recent Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is required.
Installing the mod should be rather simple, just use the NMM.
If you don't use the Nexus Mod Manager, simply download the file and merge the data folder with your data folder. (Only using the .esp will result in the mod not working as the spells are script based. In fact, you won't even be able to get the spells without the scripts.)


If you simply uninstall the mod by deleting the files the Macromancy Manager script will actually continue to run forever. (It's a while loops so technically, you'd be fine, but its not desirable.)
To properly uninstall the mod, open the console with the ~` key and type this, "Player.ForceAV Infamy -5", unpause the game, wait about 30 seconds, save your game, uninstall the mod, clean save, re install. (If applicable)


{Q} The spells are casting but their size isn't changing, is it not working?

{A} For version 0.8.1.b and down, the spells were just freakin' slow, for most people that was the problem. As of version 0.9.b and up the speed is multiplied by your alteration level so you may just need to level that up some more. If your still not convinced that its just slow and you thinks its not working, try the shrink spell on yourself, you'll find out right quick whether or not it works.


Macromancy 2 is incompatible with any mod that uses Setnodescale to change the players size, currently the only mod that I officially know to be incompatible is RaceMenuPlugin.esp, the mod RaceMenu itself is fine, but the plugin is incompatible, the plugin allows you to scale your height and some various other options.

Macromancy 2 also modifies the following 2 Actor Values:
  • Fame - Current Size
  • Infamy - Max Size