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This mod adds lore-friendly bathhouses to Markarth, Solitude, Morthal, Whiterun, Dawnstar and Riften.

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Be sure you have at least 1.8.151 version of game installed. Otherwise the mod will not work properly!

Compatible with Frostfall (tested by Natzjr2)

Thanks to MMOxReview and LiveStyleGaming for showing my mod :)

Remember yourself travelling a long road and making your way through the frozen Skyrim tundra, fighting dragons and camping outside? Well, I think we all know what it is. And I always thought that there is something missing when I return home. Some place to relax, - but the tavern is not enough for full relaxation in such a cold, windy land. So I decided to add a bathhouse to the each of the cities. I've added one in Markarth, Solitude, Morthal, Whiterun, Dawnstar and Riften. The bathhouses are not just separate buildings or cells. They are closely connected to each city they are in. Each bathhouse has its own name, style (depending on the city's appearance and prosperity) and citizens know about its existence, so they will rest there during the evening after work.

I really recommend Puppeteer Master for roleplayers.

Hoarfrost bathhouse is located in Whiterun, behind Arcadia's Cauldron. It is a small old shack with a steam-room and some space to cool off a bit. It was built on the initiative of the Battle-Born clan many years ago, and they are still its rightful owners. They allow everyone to use it freely.

* * * * *

Riften's bathhouse is located in the basement of Bee And Barb tavern. Talen has always wanted to provide customers with a good sauna, and not so long ago he and Kirava were able to finish the establishment. It is free for all wishing to visit it. Even Maven likes to rest there at night.

* * * * *

Because of the wet climate in Hjaalmarch, the people in Morthal prefer to stay dry. They initially opposed to opening a bathhouse. But when the idea of making a bathhouse with healing abilities sprung to life, that soon changed. The water in the bathhouse is said to be infused with special herbs; a secret recipe known only by the owner. Whatever it is, it certainly works against pain in body and mind.

* * * * *

Windhelm bathhouse is called Njári Haftungur and has quite the story... Fragments of an old books that were found in Windhelm’s libraries state the following:
"Nords are great lovers and connoisseurs of a traditional Nordic sauna, so having it in Windhelm was not up for discussion. It was built during the First Era, and placed just next to the Palace of the Kings, so the Jarl could visit it as he wished. Many years passed and the Jarls changed, but Njári Haftungur was still a very appreciated place to relax. […] The dark times touched even Njári Haftungur. During the Second Era, on year 328, the whole noble family was slaughtered by conspirators right in the steam-room. The tragedy lead to a decline in visiting customers, and ultimately the house went out of business, – for what would be 30 years. [...] Nobody knows what "Njári Haftungur" means. All we know is that the name was formed after the ancient fisher's adage: "Fornslad fainklu du njári haftungur!". This language is so obsolete that only one in a billion Nord knows it."
Today, Windhelm’s bathhouse is no longer appreciated by the likes of Jarls and nobility. The Jarl doesn’t care for its fate, and Njári Haftungur is maintained by the citizens of Windhelm. They fear the old traditions would be lost to history if they neglected it. Unfortunately it is in bad condition, and there is nothing to do about it.

* * * * *

Quicksilver miners built this bathhouse for taking a rest after a long day (or even days) of hard work. Some of them believed that good vapor and warm air could relieve people from their awful nightmares. But there is so much work to be done in the mine and so little pay, so the miners just don't have time to spare for the bathhouse. Nevertheless, this place is maintained by Rustleif and his wife, and sometimes it looks as if they are the only ones with time to relax in Dawnstar...

* * * * *

Bahtand Zin Markarth is the name of Markarth's bathhouse. It has a pool, a steam-room and a jet-room. This place is as old as the city, but it wasn't always a bathhouse. The Dwemer used this place for scientific experiments - as some kind of an arboretum. When the first people arrived, they felt that this would be the perfect place for a bathhouse. The pipes are connected to the main pipeline so maintenance of the steam systems is easily done. The bard named Kjartan has taken the initiative to entertain the visitors. He also happens to have the title of co-owner of Bahtand Zin Markarth.

* * * * *

Solitude bathhouse is located in the Winking Skeever. It is the newest bathhouse in Skyrim, and was mainly intended to be used by nobility. It has a hot pool, a steam-room with aromatized vapor, comfortable showers and some space to sit and rest.. The Winking Skeever Vaporarium is a place loved by the citizens of Solitude. It’s usually empty during daytime, and full during the evening. If you want to spend some time with yourself, you should visit during the day. As in Markarth, there is also a bard, who will fill the room with lovely music during your presence.
Winking Skeever is the only inn in Solitude and is a very prosperous establishment. Because of this they recently made the Vaporarium open for everyone, at no cost.

* * * * *

This mod isn't 100% complete yet. It will update. In the future, if the mod will go well, I am planning to add some features. For example, sitting in the steam-rooms adds you some bonuses depending on a time you spend there, I will add some new models etc.

If you'll see any bugs, please report to me.

1. Open the archive with the mod.
2. Copy all the files (except Readme.txt) to your Skyrim/Data directory.
3. Check the mod in Skyrim Launcher.

If you want to delete the mod, than you need to get rid of these files
-- skyrim\data\meshes\thebathhouses
-- skyrim\data\meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\northern bathhouses.esp
-- skyrim\data\textures\thebathhouses
-- skyrim\data\textures\actors\character\facegendata\facetint\northern bathhouses.esp
-- skyrim\data\Northern Bathhouses.esp
-- skyrim\data\scripts\TB<...>

I would like to thank Bethesda for creating an amazing game and giving us CK, Nexus for providing an opportunity to have a place for sharing my mod with people, and all the users who will endorse it! Special thanks to manoqueen for helping me out with my English.

Mods used for screenshots: horrorview's Sexy Solitude and Sexy Riften, Superl3-sung9533 and Alakan's Superb ENB-RL