Miscellaneous follower weapon and npc fixes by mrjentipede
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Added: 26/11/2012 - 07:18PM
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We're not just lore-friendly, we're lore-whores.

Extract the file into the /Skyrim/Data folder and make sure it is checked in the launcher; that's it!

v9 IN PROGRESS: Max arrows attached in a body increased to 12 from 3
Able to hold breath underwater for 1 min 15 s up from 25 seconds but once you start you drown health goes VERY fast
2h weapon swing speed increased on all weapons slightly

Silver weapon effect redacted (conflict with other mods, will reintroduce in later versions)
Uthgerd back to 1h as in vanilla, uses iron set
Followers don't follow as closely
Arrows have 80% chance of being reclaimed from corpses
Health bonuses for NPCs are reduced (more realistic HP for higher level)
Alerted enemies check for longer periods
Greeting distance for npc reduced
Crime reporting distance reduced
Voice file padding (delay between npc lines) reduced
Slow heartbeat now at 50% hp, fast at 25%
Night eye/Vampire sight is toggled
Werewolfs drop werewolf pelts on death
Sinmir uses proper sandbox after civil war is over
Tempering elven weapons requires a Quicksilver ingot
Vaermina and Mythic Dawn robes weight reduced to 1 (same as all other in game)
Serana's hood is now weightless
Rock "grass" no longer visible

v7: Vampires killed with silver weapons will burn and turn to ash (works with all vampire mods)
Farkas not fighting bug fixed
Steel nordic and imperial gauntlets/boots now only coming in matching sets
Thongvor Silver-Blood only wears nordic steel
Some fixes I overlooked before

v6: Includes patch for people that use Pandazooka's Populated Cities
Characters begin with Heavy Hands perk, gauntlets do extra damage equivalent to 2x their weight - this should make brawling more logical and less of a pain with some heavy gauntlets
Ebony smithing perk reduced to 70 smithing (equal to glass)
Eola no longer says "And you thought I was just a pretty face"
Giants no longer knock people into the air
Decreased gold reward for small favour quests
Beasts no longer drop gems, jewelry and gold
Increased gold found in big chests
Increased gold in large coin purses
Decreased number of bones a dragon drops on death
Summoned dremora lord may spawn with warhammer or battleaxe instead
Fixed a couple goofups I thought I fixed already

v5: Iron ingots require 2 iron ore
Dawnbreaker's explosion only harms undead in area
Rueful axe swings at normal battleaxe speed
Volendrung is now classified as dwarven metal, no longer absorbs stamina, instead it swings much slower, weighs more and has a slight stagger effect
Lunar weapon/silent moons enchantment fixed
Can craft silver weapons, they require steel smithing perk plus:
Greatsword - 4 steel ingots, 2 silver ingots, 3 leather strip and 2 ectoplasm
Sword - 2 steel ingots, 1 silver ingots, 2 leather strip and 2 ectoplasm
Volendrung can be tempered with 2 dwarven ingots if you have arcane blacksmith perk
Dragons drop much more gold and gems but no weapons or armor
Steel weapons are less common early in the game
Enchanted weapons are less common overall
Vilkas sends you off with his 2h sword to Eorland
Chests in dwarven strongholds only have dwarven weapons
Can temper silver weapons (with arcane blacksmith perk)
Dragonbane can be disenchanted
Dragonbane enchantment no longer scales with player, now initial 20 extra damage to dragons plus 15 more over 3 seconds

v4: New characters no longer start with any spells
Dragonbone crown now craftable (resembles jagged crown)
Dragon armor no longer in levelled lists
Giants no longer drop armour and weapons (that you can lift, anyway)
Silver sword cannot be enchanted but now actually does more damage against undead, vampires, ghosts and werewolves
Ebony blade uses 2handed perks
Only dremora, vampires, warlocks, and unique bosses can carry daedric weapons
Tempering draugr weapons requires 2 iron ingots
Changed name of non-thieves guild Thief to Desperado
Dogs can level up with you
Huki Seven-swords now has 2 iron swords instead of 1 greatsword
Galmar Stone-fist is less purple
Rolff Stone-Fist wears stormcloak armour
Thorald Gray-mane is shirtless
Legate Rikke now has imperial sword and shield
Scouts-Many-Marshes has hide armour (he is a light armour trainer)
Tobjorn Shattershield has a battleaxe.
Keeper Carcette has healing and oakflesh spells.
Captain Aldis has imperial armour and steel greatsword.
Vigilant Tyranus better uses healing spells and his mace.
Eorlund Gray-mane wears blacksmith outfit.
Ysgrammor is larger and wears his helmet.
Torturer's assistant wears regular clothes

v3: Brelyna has alteration robes at start.
Stenvar has steel warhammer.
Torvar wears steel armour.
Jenassa starts with hunting bow and steel dagger.
J'zargo starts with steel cuffed boots and gauntlets.
Onmund starts with a steel mace.
Farkas has skyforge steel axe and steel shield instead of Greatsword (to match his intended proficiencies).
Uthgerd wears iron armour, an iron sword and begins with 2 bottles of Ale.

v2: J'zargo will actually use the weapons you give him!
Farkas skills fixed (heavy armour first followed by one-handed and block)
Aela now has leather armour instead of fur

v1: Housecarls wear guard armour of their city. (optional)
J'zargo uses 1handed weapons in addition to magic
Steel armour for Uthgerd
Farkas wears wolf armour ("anyone that wears THAT armour") steel shield and skyforge steel axe and has proper proficiencies
Leather armour for Aela (she does like light armour)
Hrongar has 2h steel sword
Vorstag now specializes in light armor
Sinmir moves to dragonsreach after battle for whiterun
Idolaf Battle-born has imperial sword
Mjoll the Lioness now specializes in 1handed (as grimsever is 1h) and gets mad if you steal (is opposed to thieves guild).