Soul Eater the Enchantment Removing Chest by GNehs
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Added: 26/11/2012 - 05:31PM
Updated: 03/05/2013 - 02:54PM

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Last updated at 14:54, 3 May 2013 Uploaded at 17:31, 26 Nov 2012

UPDATE [5/3/2013] v1.1 - Fixed Thalmor Hooded dienchantment and others. Added Soul Eater chest to Windhelm, Riften, Solitude and Markarth -- You can find the chest near the arcane enchanters in each city.
UPDATE [4/26/2013] v1.0 - Dragonborn and Dawnguard Support. Now uses MCM to configure mod.
UPDATE [11/30/2012] v0.98 - Added Dawnguard support. Choose one or the other. Do not use both.
UPDATE [11/30/2012] v0.98beta - A beta version is up for trial. Has soul gem requirement configuration and enchantment transfer as an option and disabled by default.
UPDATE [11/30/2012] v0.96 Disenchants properly now. No more items disenchantment lingering form save game to save game. Everything is save/reload tested. Soul gem options removed, for now.

-'Cleans' an enchantment from a previously enchantable item
-Transfer enchantments from item to item (armor only, some restrictions apply) (Enchanting items via scripts is NOT permanent at the moment. Waiting for SKSE updates)
-Transfer enchantments that are not enchantable in the game such as shrouded armors(Enchanting items via scripts is NOT permanent at the moment. Waiting for SKSE updates)

This mod will take any item you have previously enchanted and return you a clean, base item so that you may re-enchant it. Meant to be in use with mods that make, for instance, Daedric armors super rare. So if you want to re-enchant it, you do not have to find another one.

Made purposely for use with mods that heavily change item distribution in the game like :

Skyrim Redone by t3ndos (
Skyrim Unleashed (

This mod is designed to be compatible with any item mod so long as it can be enchanted in the first place. This mod only removes the current enchantments you have previously enchanted and gives you a base item.

It does not increase your enchanting skill (although i might add that feature) nor do you learn any enchantments you have removed

Soul Eater, the enchantment removing chest, can be found in Whiterun at Dragonsreach in Farengar's study.

Installation and Requirements
-Requires SKSE 1.9.32. but may work with older releases
-Requires SkyUI version 3.0+ (MCM versions)
Use NMM to install or download and place in /data/

Download this and give it a try, but most importantly tell me what you think! This is my first mod release and I'm curious on how I can improve as I plan to work on other stuff as well.