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About this mod

Overhaul of all female NPCs in game (Bandits/Mages/Witches/Thalmor/Named NPCs/etc). * Removes dirt, most age lines, rough skin and freckles * Replaces vanilla hair with better quality hair * Keeps everything else vanilla

Permissions and credits
[size=7]NPCs of Dibella[/size]

  • Now requires all DLCs and Skyrim v1.9 or higher
  • Check comments section for more up to the minute news
  • See installation and requirements sections

It's an overhaul of all female NPCs in game minus beast races. This is the successor and complete redo of my old mod "Dibella's Beauty - NPC Overhaul". Check the Q&A section for details on why I remade it.
  • Tweaks virtually all females (separate male esp may be planed)
  • Removes dirt, most age lines, rough skin and freckles
  • Replaces vanilla hair with better quality hair and more variety
  • Keeps everything else vanilla. This includes warpaint, hair color, eye color and face shape
  • Supports Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLCs
  • Dozens of hours spent in TES5Edit cleaning and merging to create a very stable mod

Version 3.0
  • 944 NPCs now modified
  • HN66s Long Eye Lashes
  • Detailed Lips tintmask
  • Dragonborn support
  • Fixed more of the reverse gender animations
  • All DLCs are now required as I've merged the Heathfire esp into the main plugins and Dragonborn support is also part of the main plugin
  • Renamed the following esps:

NPCs of Dibella - Females - UOP.esp -> NPCs of Dibella - Females - USKP.esp
NPCs of Dibella - Females - SkyRe UOP.esp -> NPCs of Dibella - Females - USKP SkyRe.esp

Version 2.1
  • Reverse gender animations disabled (lydia no longer walks like an ape). Won't show up on an existing save though. It seems the gender animations get hardcoded into a save game.
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.0
  • All-in-one NMM installer
  • Skyrim and Dawnguard ESPs have been merged which means Dawnguard is now required. I did this to make life easier on myself and cut down on the clutter
  • Added optional support for the Unofficial Patches mods
  • The SkyRe version now requires the Unofficial Patches. Also, the older version just removed NPCs that were edited by SkyRe. v2.0 now merges those changes in rather than removes the NPCs
  • Everything has been cleaned with the latest version of TES5EDIT (3.0.29)
  • Updated everything to be up to spec with v1.9 of Skyrim, which means v1.9 of Skyrim is now required

Version 1.0
  • Dawnguard support
  • various bug fixes

Version 0.9
  • Added Hearthfire support
  • Added support for new apachii hair versions
  • Added a T3nd0s Skyrim Redone version aka SkyRe (removes conflicting NPCs)

Version 0.8.5
  • Fixed a bug in the "NPCs of Dibella - Resources.esm" file which caused one of the hairs to be transparent
  • Tweaked a couple of the NPCs hairs to better fit the contour of their faces and they type of character they are

Version 0.8 - Initial public release
  • 680 NPCs completed
  • Females from all non-beast races are mostly complete

After you have the required files which you can see bellow, install the main file via NMM. It's an installer which will walk you through the steps. See README in the mod archive for manual install instructions.

ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
There are two hair packs you need from this mod
  • Download and install the main "ApachiiSkyHair" package
  • Download and install the optional "ApachiiSkyHairFemale" package

Cazy hairs by zzjay
There is only one hair pack you need from this mod
  • Download and install the main "Cazy Hairs" package

Ren Hair Reworked by Jay
  • Download and install from the link. It doesn't have a nexus link and the author asks that it not be uploaded to nexus.

When later versions of these mods come out, I don't see any reason there would be a compatibility issue.

In the end, you'll have the following esm/esp files:
Cazy Hairs-by zzjay.esp

Uncheck all four of these unless you want to use one of those for your own character. This mod only requires the meshes and textures. Having too many hairs loaded into the showracemenu will cause a CTD (limitation of the game engine). "NPCs of Dibella - Resources.esm" from this mod is what includes the hair resources for the NPCs and excludes the player to keep the showracemenu from CTDing.

You may also want to check out ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer which seems to resolve the CTD with too many hairs.

Questions and Answers
How did you choose which hair an NPC gets?
I used the following logic:
  • Rich people get more lush hair
  • Poor people get more rugged and plain hair
  • Guards, warriors and bandits get hair that is more pulled back (so it doesn't get in their faces in combat ofc)
  • Mages, necromancers and witches get a mix of rugged, plain and lush hair.
  • Thalmor get a mix of lush, plain and rugged hair, though more often lush.
  • Bar maids get lush hair
  • NPCs with an old hag voices keep age face maps

Why did you do this mod?
Do you use those nice skimpy armor replacers? I do. And I'm tired of seeing ugly women in a thong! ( Though mod is still great without skimpy armors :D )

How is this different from the old mod "Dibella's Beauty - NPC Overhaul" ?
Having all the ESMs/ESPs checked for all the hair mods required for the old mod bogged down/CTD'd the showracemenu (the interface where you create your character). I created an ESM which has the hairs added as NPC only. This means you can uncheck all the hair mod ESMs/ESPs that you don't need and thus have fewer hairs loaded in the showracemenu thus preventing crashes. As a side effect, having the new ESM allows me to do more addons and expansions more easily.

Will this work with CBBE/UNP/UNPB/ADEC/etc?
It will work with any body mod

Which face texture is required?
It will work with any face texture

How can I help reduce the neck seam (if there is any)?
I personally use are the following mods to help keep the skin consistent looking:

No More Ugly Bronze Shine for consistent "_sk" textures
Dry Skin for consistent "_s" textures

I'll have those overwrite any base skin texture I use (Mature skin, SG, etc).

The noses are so big! Why!?
I left the shape of all faces to be the same as vanilla skyrim. If you want smaller noses, try the following:
BFG - Better FaceGen by Radioragae - It works perfectly fine with this mod
RANs HeadMesh Variants by RAN46 - head mesh B has a smaller nose
I haven't tried both together, but either or should do the trick.

Is there a performance hit?
Yes. Higher quality hair meshes and a much larger number of them all equates to more intense system load. I personally only see like a 1-2FPS hit (if even that much) with a high end system that I have. Though others have seen more.

I'm seeing the grey head bug! What do I do!?
Load this mod's esp bellow any mod that alters NPCs. The only exception is if you have another mod that has a couple (or even just one) modded NPC(s) that you want to have overwrite mine (you'll also want to overwrite the facegen data I include in my mod for those NPCs). A common cause is UFO. ASIS is another one. Load my mod below these. I personally load my mod at the bottom of my load list with a custom BOSS rule. You also shouldn't need to export facegen data since I already did that for you (that's why the file size is so large!).

Does that mean this mod isn't compatible with UFO/ASIS/etc?
It's very compatible. I use those mods personally.

Works with:
  • UFO - just load this after UFO
  • Follower Trap Safety
  • Any body mod
  • Any skin texture
  • Any mod that has nothing to do with modifying NPCs

  • Conflicts with any other mods that modifies the vanilla NPCs (or at least the NPCs I've edited thus far). If you have a mod that you want to have overwrite this one, then just install it after this and make sure it's esp is lower in the load order.

Not Required Mods
Here is a small list of mods that may enhance this one


HN66s Long Eye Lashes by humannature66
Using the sexy eye lash meshes!

Detailed Lips by Xenius
The lip texture was used in creating the facegen for the NPCs.

ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
Apachii and all others credited here:

Cazy hairs and demoness hairs conversion by zzjay
cazy and zzjay and all others credited here:

Ren hair reworked by Jay
Lux77 aka Jay all those who created ren hair for skyrim and Ren

Bethesda Softworks for TES V Skyrim