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Fixes Multiple Interior Light Sources Causing Shadow Striping, As Simply As Possible To Avoid Any Conflicts!

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*This mod has been incorporated into the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP) as of v3.0.6. Any who use that version and up can safely remove this mod, the fixes will still apply, just ignore the warning about "Missing Content" the first time your save is loaded after removing this; it only shows once.*

-V 1.0 (11/25/12)

-Breezehome (Whiterun)
-New Gnisis Cornerclub (Windhelm)
-Sadri's Used Wares (Windhelm)
-Bits and Pieces (Solitude)
-Radiant Raiment (Solitude)

-V 2.0 (1/20/13)

-The White Phial (Windhelm)
-Brylings House (Solitude)
-Goldenrock Mine (Darkwater Crossing)
-Solitude Catacombs (Wolf Queen Awakened Quest, Throne Room)
-Solitude Hall of the Dead (Solitude)
-Proudspire Manor (Solitude)
-Labyrinthian (Chamber with Ancient Nord Helmet of the Unburned)
-Labyrinthian (Dragon Priest Mask Sanctuary-Past)
-Fellglow Keep (Bedroom Antechamber)
-Mara's Eye Den (Mara's Eye Pond)
-Alftand (Area Before Door to Alftand Cathedral)
-Hillgrund's Tomb (Chamber Behind Throne)
-Thalmor Embassy (Interrogation Room)
-Nightgate Inn (Main Hall)
-Knifepoint Mine (Knifepoint Ridge)
-Silver Blood Inn (Markarth)

-V 2.1 (1/02/14)

-Jorrvaskr - Kodlak's Room (Whiterun)
-Whiterun Hall of the Dead - Andurs' Room (Whiterun)
-Ustengrav (Hjaalmarch)
-Pavo's House (The Reach)
-Understone Keep (Markarth)
-Arnleif and Sons Trading Company (Markarth)
-Temple of Dibella - Inner Sanctum (Markarth)
-Solitude Fletcher (Solitude)
-Katla's Farm (Solitude)
-Solitude Stables (Solitude)
-Solitude Lighthouse (Solitude)
-Temple of Talos (Windhelm)
-Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (Falkreath Hold)
-Skybound Watch Pass (North Skybound Watch)

*Keep in mind this is a WIP until I've got them all, but I can't do that without your help! Let me know of any areas you find with shadow striping and I will fix them immediately! Also if any areas have been overlooked, sometimes there are multiple light sources in one location but I try my best to find them all, let me know immediately, as well as if any areas need to be adjusted more or less due to any issues! Cheers!

This mod is a collection of multiple fixes across Skyrim Interior locations to correct the light sources causing the shadow striping effect. Very ugly, this will make them nice again! Intended for users not running ENB, or a lighting overhaul that already addresses striping (RLO/ELFX etc.), I personally use CoT only which is why I created this project (and at the time all previous versions of similar mods were unsupported or unavailable. Myself and this work/project are completely unaffiliated with any and all past similar themed or named mods.)

EXTERIOR STRIPING: If you need info on the .ini adjustments used to counter shadow striping found in Exterior world spaces/cells please refer to the comments section, there are many posts on the subject and players opinions on the best solution(s)! In the future I may add the info here, but for now please refer to the comments, there are multiple instances you can reference.

*This is currently a work in progress mod, since I am unfortunately unaware of every single location this problem can be found or else I would fix them all at once! I do have many many hours in Skyrim game time but even I can't say for sure I've been in every single location, and even then sometimes areas might be overlooked. I will continually update as often as possible, though I typically like to do updates when I have multiple new fixes to avoid users having to constantly re-update. (Unless it is a rare case which merits an immediate update & upload.)
Let me know if you have any comments/questions or problems, I'm always happy to do whatever I can to help someone enjoy their Skyrim experience!

-Latest version of Skyrim ( or higher.

*NO DLC or SKSE required.*

-NONE. (None reported. This type of simple vanilla asset edit would only cause an overwrite, this or the other.)

I Currently Use:

Project Reality: Climates of Tamriel v3.1* -
*(Optional's: Dungeons-Hazardous.esp, Interiors-Cold.esp, and both DLC compatibility patches)

User Confirmed:

-Enhanced Light and FX - Confirmed by User.
-RCRN - Confirmed by User.

(Lighting Overhauls/Mods or other mods that add in new light sources may cause shadow striping, so if it's not a Vanilla or Official DLC light source it is up to the author of the particular mod to fix, unless there is enough demand for me to create a patch)

-Download with mod manager and activate. Place .esp after any lighting mods to guarantee all my fixes or before if you notice too drastic a change in a cells lighting theme/scheme; i.e Brightness increase!
(OR RUN BOSS/LOOT; See Load Order Instructions Below!)
-Manual installation is a simple move .esp file to Data folder and activate with your favorite plugin manager!
(OR RUN BOSS/LOOT; See Load Order Instructions Below!)

-Deactivate previous version with mod manager and Activate new version.

-Manual Installers Delete Previous Version .esp, Place New Version .esp in Data Folder and Activate In Launcher.

-Deactivate with mod manager!
-Manual Installers Simply Delete .esp from Data folder.

After any lighting mod you use. Or near last position if your unsure.

*BOSS Users: Currently BOSS is placing this around middle section, so double check it's where you want it!
*LOOT Users: As of now I have not begun using LOOT. I try to not install new mods into an on-going save file so my version of BOSS' master list is still fine for me. Until I upgrade to LOOT from BOSS support for it will be limited. If it still uses a master list style config I would assume the latest BOSS master list was carried over on launch so this mod should still be recognized. Let me know if it's not or if there are any problems.

**When in doubt, just place this after anything you know (or think) alters lighting. It's pretty versatile when it comes to load order position. If my fixes are not showing up it likely is being overridden by another mod and needs to be moved lower in the load order list. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

-Just to be safe, in some of the images assets from these mods are visible, but in no way required:
-Open Dragon Priest Masks -
-Dragon Priests Masks and Hoods Retexture -
-Nightingale Prime - by Zerofrost, finally back on Nexus uploaded by AncientVampire -
-Background Image features Ebony Helmets using aMidianborn Ebony Armor retex by CaBaL -
-Background Image features Deathbell retex by Benjamin318, no longer on Nexus.
-Background Image by Jay4csa ( - cheers mate! :)
-Bethesda Game Studios for Game Development
-Bethesda Softworks for Game Publishing
-Nexus For Fantastic Community/Hosting

-If for some reason you want to include this in your own mod, or other project, please PM me for permission first.
-Translations - PM me for permission please!
-Re-Upload - Please do not re-upload this anywhere else, this is Nexus exclusive!

**This mod features no copyrighted material or assets, or assets taken from other mod author's work.**
*Thank you for taking the time to read (your a rare breed lol), and I hope you enjoy my work! Cheers!*