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Adds a death note to the game. Enter someone's name into it, select a way for them to die, and it will happen. Uses a dynamic system that allows you to select any unique character, even ones from other mods. Currently employs 4 different methods of killing.

Caution: Symptoms of use may include maniacal laughter, excessive eating of

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No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.


Adds a Death Note to the game. Talk to any unique actor (be careful, you can kill essentials too!) and select the dialogue prompt that says *Memorize face and name*. Then just open up the Death Note from anywhere, select a death option, and it'll happen immediately! Currently supports 4 methods of death, and should work with every unique actor, even people from other mods!

[size=7]Killing Methods:[/size]

Heart Attack:
Target simply dies. No blood, no injuries, just good, clean, fun.

Spontaneous Combustion:
Target explodes. Seriously, they just erupt in a flaming explosion. Don't ask why.

Eaten by Rats:
I took a page out of Dishonored's book on this one. 3 Skeevers appear and rip off the target's flesh, leaving only a skeleton behind.

Berserker Rage:
Target is suddenly overwhelmed by a desire to DANCE! *Cough* Er, actually, they just attack everyone in sight and is killed by guards (If target lives for longer than 2 minutes, they will simply die of a heart attack.)

[size=7]Recommended Mods:[/size]

Killable Children. Some of the people whom you can kill with this mod are children, but this only takes effect with Killable Children enabled.