Dragon Language Book by Spartan117JMC
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This adds a book that has over 20 pages containing explanations and translations of the Dragon Language to your game :)
It lets you understand the language of the Dov.
Dont tell me you havent ever wondered what those pesky Draugr have been trying to tell you while trying to paint the walls with your entrails :)?'

The book lies on the floor in High Hrothgar in front of some pots in the main hall.

I have gotten the info from here:
And removed internet links and such from the text so it would fit into an ingame book.
i felt it was time this kind of mod was released as i have searched far and wide for a mod like this, but found nothing.
So... i took matters into my own hands and behold! here it is all for you to read and understand:)
And with that said... Happy conversations.

Regards: Spartan117JMC