Better Iron Weapons Standard and Third Era and Guard Armor by mrjentipede
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Added: 25/11/2012 - 02:42AM
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Last updated at 9:00, 30 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 2:42, 25 Nov 2012

Was quite dissatisfied with the dark/realistic iron weapons out there so decided to just do it myself.
I STRONGLY recommend Cabal's aMidianBorn Book of Silence, you don't want these weapons to clash with the vanilla colours.
Works and looks great with PrivateEye's Heavy Armoury mod; no additional files needed.
For the Weapons of the Third era you do need Weapons of the Third Era MoS edition.
Made a dull (significantly reduced light reflection) version that you might want but please choose only one.

Simply extract into /Skyrim/Data folder and enjoy.

v3 (final) - Includes all iron weapons, iron arrows, pickaxe, chopping axe and shovels
v2 - All standard weapons included
v1 - Iron warhammer and greatsword included

Optional files:
All iron weapons in Weapons of the Third Era
Iron and banded iron shield plus all guards shields
Guards carry iron arrows and weapons (in addition to steel)
Better Guard Armour (improved colour for scales, ringmail, buckles and helmets)
Housecarls wear guard armour
Blacksmiths hammer on an iron scrap at workbench

To do:
Big Daddy edition (includes default pack and weapons of third era pack and iron arrows, pickaxe, wood axe, iron ore and ingot, shields, better iron guard outfits, guards use iron weapons fix, housecarls wear respective hold guard gear, blacksmith's anvil and forge, shinier silver sword and better steel battle axe) This edition complements the steel items of the WRP, all amidianborn & immersive armors and WO3E very well; make sure you overwrite any files.

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