The Forsworn Legacy by Virido
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"Heart of thorn...bones of the life, Forsworn...rise from death, Blood of our Blood."

Fascinated by the old inhabitants of the Reach? Now you can join them!
This mod adds a new questline (completely voice-acted) for the Forsworn tribe.

- Start as a Forsworn member in Druadach Redoubt or simply load from your favorite save game. (No 'new start' required)
- Completely lore friendly
- All Forsworn warpaints are unlocked (both male and female)
- Ask your fellow members to follow you during your travels
- Many unique Forsworn members with their own name and character
- Receive Briarheart Geis as a quest reward (not available in normal in-game)
- The siege of Markarth
- ...

How to play:

New Game version:

Start a new game at the Skyrim menu screen. Your first mission starts when you exit the cave.

Savegame version:
Travel to The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun and read the note on the table to become Forsworn. The details about your first mission are written on the note.

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