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All your spells are as stronger as you. Spells magnitudes increase dymamicly with your skills and never raise unbalanced strongest values. It does not affect spells from Dawnguard and other mods. Some spell durations are still like vanilla, I mean all mind control spells from illusion and restoration, also invisibility, muffle and paralyze.

=== DETAILS ===

All modifications are calculate like this :
NewValue = OldValue * ( 1 + MagicSkillLevel / 100 )
In way to balance the high level spell magnitudes, this rule is respect :
Apprentice spells are like vanilla at level 25, Adept spells at level 50, and Expert spells at level 75.
All the master spells are still like vanilla
The spell durations are from normal value (usualy 60 sec for all spells, and120 sec for bound weapons) to the double at the maximum skill level (120 sec and 240 sec). Their is an alteration and a conjuration perk which respectively increase the flesh spells and summons durations, they work with the spell modifications.

Alteration Modifications :
Flesh spells magnitude and durations
Lights durations
(Paralyze, MassParalysis and Equilibrium are still like vanilla)
Dragonhide duration

Conjuration Modifications :
Bound Weapon damages and durations
Reanimate magnitudes and durations
Conjuration durations
Soul Trap duration
(All Thrall spells are still like vanilla)

Destruction Modifications :
All spell damages

Illusion Modifications :
Mind control magnitudes (not duration.)
(Invisibility, Clairvoyance and muffle still like vanilla)

Restoration Modifications :
Healing magnitudes
Ward magnitudes
Repel Undead magnitudes
Turn Undead magnitudes
Bane of the Undead targeting level (not damages)
Guardian Circle targeting level (not healing)


Does not change any game object, so it is compatible with all other mods.
Just be care to do not have an other mod which do a similar changement.

For the spells Fire Cloak, Lightning Cloak and Frost Cloak, the text do not display the good magnitude value but allways 8. The right values are from 7(at level 10) to 13 (at level 100.)
It's due to an error in the vanilla spell text description, the next update will reright this text.

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