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I can't speak english well.

This is conversion of "Tina" from "Neo - Kasumi and Tina" in oblivion mod.
Original author is Neovinci aka Meister.

This Mod has 'Tina' Costume sets in a Game "Dead or Alive"

Original link :


Here are armor, glove, boots & ornaments.
Ornaments are sleeves, stocking, tail&ear etc.

It is craftable & smithing at Daedric(Black), DragonScale(Red).
Ornaments are craftable at jewelry.

My skyrim version is 1.8.151. I made a esp file with newest CK.
If your version is lower than 1.8, you have nothing in craft list, console(help command).
You must update new version.


This is CBBEv3M base.
It is compatible CBBE3. (If you are CBBE3 user, you will use it without CBBEv3M body.)

If you are UNP user, overwrite option file.
It is same shape CBBEv3m, but it is compatible with UNP Body textures.
It rearrange UV map.

2.0 - Remove the black stains that occur from strong light.
Support the slider body.

1.0 - release


It's not my Mod. It's Neo's Mod.

It's not free for other's Conversion, and Upload on any other sites.
Do not upload anywhere without Neo's Permission.
If You want it, Send A PM or Mail to Neo.