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The patch fixes the CTD issue and several bugs of original Whiterun Outskirts Market version 0.4.7 and makes it completely safe to play with.

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[SIZE=7]Whiterun Outskirts Market Patch[/SIZE]

Original Whiterun Outskirts Market by RadioBox and Drakulux


Whiterun Outskirts Market is an excellent attempt to improve atmosphere of Whiterun by adding more life and improving it's exterior. However, the version 0.4.7 of the original mod is causing CTD due to navmesh UDRs and conflicts with USP around several dirty edits. And the original mod has not been updated for long time.

This patch fixes the CTD issue and several bugs of version 0.4.7 of the original mod and makes it completely safe to play with.


a) The patch will not fix CTD caused by other issues in your load order. It fixes its original mod only!
b) The patch requires that the version 0.4.7 of original Whiterun Outskirts Marketmust be installed first!

Change Log

Patch v 1.4

  • The market guards will be replaced by Stormcloaks, if they will capture Witerun during CW

Patch v 1.3

  • Owl’s Inn residence behavior packages optimisation
  • Inn's servant will not sleep in the bed rented by the Player.
  • Better weapon selection for mod’s NPCs.
  • Removed location discovery markers for Owl’s Inn and the Warehouse.
  • Mod’s merchants will have proper amount of gold
  • The area behind stables have been revamped to better fit to the stable style and to increase performance around stables.
  • Potato plants, cabbages and wheat hays have been added on the stable field.
  • Wheat and hay on the stable field will be deactivated when the Whiterun siege begin.
  • Cleaned in Tes5Edit 3.0.30

Patch v 1.2

1. Some Navmesh optimization
2. Removed references to non-existent debug scripts in AI packages of the original mod

Patch v 1.1

1. Added missing facegen data to Kyle;
2. Kyle will stay on the Owl's Inn platform while hammering
3. Added locked door to the house outside the stables
These issues have been discovered and reported by @Irikedownroading

Patch v1.0

1. Cleaned in Tes5Edit from UDRs, RTM, navmesh errors, dirty and wild edits;
2. Fixed navmesh in the Warehouse. Now NPCs will avoid obstacles there;
3. Corrected Warehouse boy’s patrolling route;
4. AI Packages were added to the Warehouse keeper and the boy to eat and sleep in Owl’s Perch Inn;

5. Fixed bug with twinkled fire shadow in Owl’s Perch Inn;
6. Light bubbles aligned with their light sources in the Inn;
7. Owl’s Inn basement rooms were separated from the main hall by a portal. It will improve FPS inside the Inn;
8. Missing meshes of Inn's roof have been disguised by another construction;
9. A horse was added outside the Inn. Now there is a reason to have two Horse Troughs there.

10. A Wall Lean Marker and a Sharpening Wheel were added to Dovafan’s weapon shop;
11. Dovafan was given AI Packages to work 8x12, Eat 20x1, Stay at home 21x3, Sleep 0x6
12. Some weapons were given to mod’s NPCs to increase their chances to survive outside Whiterun against vampires or animals;
13. All mod’s merchants were made unique and their corpses will be cleaned up to Whiterun's Hall of the Dead where they have their own places.

14. Fixed navmesh around Whiterun Market. This issue potentially could cause that Khajiit Caravan tent would not be rolled out outside Whiterun after the first meeting with khajiits.
15. Fixed navmesh issue inside Witerun that caused NPCs who were about to leave the city to get stuck in front of the main gates
16. The mod should not conflict with the Whiterun Siege Quest. During the quest all mod's NPCs, including a beggar and Market Guards, will stay inside Owls Inn. They will return back when the siege is over.


Use NMM to install:
1. Download and install version 0.4.7 of the original Whiterun Outskirts Market mod
2. Download and install this patch. Answer "Yes" on NMM's request to overwrite original mod files.


Updating the already installed 0.4.7 version of the original mod
It will require a clean save. Arwen has a good instruction in its journal how to make it right: Link

Updating to the new version of this Patch
Use NMM to update.


Use NMM to uninstall the mod.