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Many thanks to Hodilton for making this video! :)

Read all of this, really, do it.
Installation instructions below in light blue.

This is simply my take on an ENB preset for Climates of Tamriel, based on 0.119 ENB it is in its BETA stage as of now because I have no Idea how it will look to others, so, testers are welcome. There are still some things I am working on, while trying to maintain balance. I am also working with the newest release of ENB v 0.121 Beta, which on my end at least is seeing ENORMOUS performance gain, but there are some bugs with it as of yet, and Boris has recently changed some values which will not translate well with this file. (If people would want to test this newer one, message me, I'll send you a link to my WIP settings for it.)

As this is a BETA, the main file will be subject to updating quite frequently.
I know what "I" think needs to be done, however user uploaded images are encouraged, things may look differently on your setup and game, I would like to see how it translates.

Currently the main thing I am working on is lighting and contrast adjustments (Erm also SSAO).

I recommend the Toggler (Below) as SSAO and DOF can be switched on or off in game that can give you a performance boost when you need it.

I do not use CameraFX in this ENB, or sunsprites, they ruin Screenshots in my opinion.
Performance wise, I can not say for you, as this was not built to be extreme performance, I use a GTX 580 Classified and see anywhere from 32-52 fps location depending with the 0.119 version.

Alternatively you can turn off UseComplexIndirectLighting by setting it to false, or adjust quality settings in the enbseries.ini (-1 is extreme quality and 2 is low quality.)

I have included optional files which are different color variations of the palette.

(This space included for things I forgot that will be updated when I remember)

These are the mandatory mods which this preset will need, as it was built around them.

SweetFX Shader Suite by CeeJay
I recommend this be installed before my ENB, inside the folder you will see a d3d9.dll file, rename this to d3d9_SFX.dll
I included the settings file in my file, just replace the SweetFX_settings.txt with the one I have included.

Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting by JJC71
With default settings, you can possibly change these, but I wont guarantee what it will look like.

Mike Foxs Darker Dungeons by Mike Fox
Been using this for a while, I like it because it adjusts light templates for both dungeons and some interiors. You can use other mods like this, but again, I built this preset around it.

ENB SSAO and DoF Toggler for Skyrim by yukl
I have DOF set to OFF in this preset, I do not play with DOF, I only use it for Screenshots, the DOF I have included is a modified Version of Bokeh DoF and Tilt Shift for ENBSeries by gp65cj04
(You can play actively with it, but it may give you a headache.)
Make sure to read the instructions for the toggler at the provided link.

Installation: (ALWAYS back up your settings beforehand!!! ALWAYS !!!)

1. There will be a d3d9.dll file that came with SweetFX. Rename this to d3d9_SFX.dll
This is critical, as SweetFX runs via proxy. Then place the files included directly in your Skyrim folder. ( Program files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common/Skyrim )

2. Make sure the above mandatory files are installed. Climates of Tamriel, Mike Fox's Darker Dungeons, and The SSAO/DOF Toggler. (You should already have installed SweetFX)

3. Get the ENB 0.119 Dll here, ENB
(Downloads section, scroll down, under graphic modifications click TES Skyrim, choose v0.119)
You only need the d3d9.dll from the file you download. Place this in your skyrim folder.

4. Extract (Or manually place) MY file to your Skyrim directory, not in data. ( Program files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common/Skyrim )

5. When it asks to overwrite the SweetFX_settings.txt say yes

6. Go to, documents/my games/Skyrim
Open SkyrimPrefs.ini and make sure these settings look like this,

7. Save and Exit

8. Make Sure your Brightness Slider is set to the middle position ingame (This may vary)

Also this may be useful, Calibration

Recommended files I use:
Bryce Nebula - Skyrim galaxy replacer by Kriskos
Enhanced Lights and FX by anamorfus
Face Light by tktk
Finer Dust by CptJoker
Illuminated Tree Lod by Rennn
Inside the Nebula - night sky backdrop by Kriskos
No Menu and Loading Smoke by IceKK
Real Effect Candle by Yuril

Credit where credit is due:
Boris Vorontsov