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This mod changes the appearance of many of the Skyrim vanilla followers. I will be updating this mod to include new variants or new followers on a regular basis.

Permissions and credits
$$$$$$$$ NEWS $$$$$$$$
Inhabitants of Skyrim Npc Overhaul by Rops1981
It will transform the faces of your Skyrim for the better.

version 1.1 update
tweaks to characters - Ahtar, Faendal, Erandur, Brelyna, J'zargo, Aerin, J'zargo
Mjoll now features warpaint by TairenSoul.
added replacer for Illia.

Required files.
This follower mod will not work without

Recommended mods but not required.
Fine Face Textures by urshi
Smooth male Body Normal Maps
Female Face Tattoo by TairenSoul
Male Face Tattoo by TairenSoul
Eyes Of Beauty
Gizmodian Scars
Exstensible Follower Framework

**** Instructions for neck seam/tear bug ****
1. Open console `
2. Target specific npc and you will type
For Faendal - setnpcweight 40
For Roggi - setnpcweight 100
For Ahtar - setnpcweight 100
For Aerin - setnpcweight 40
For Annekke - setnpcweight 30
For Mjoll - setnpcweight 75
For Eola - setnpcweight 30
For Sven - setnpcweight 100
For Cosnach - setnpcweight 100
For Benor - setnpcweight 100
For Uthgerd - setnpcweight 100
For Onmund - setnpcweight 100
For Erandur - setnpcweight 70
For Brelyna - setnpcweight 30
For Golldir - setnpcweight 80
For J'Zargo - setnpcweight 70
For Illia - setnpcweight 50
3. While targeting npc type in console disable
4. with console still open type in enable
5. once character reappears save your game.

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