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Last updated at 18:08, 22 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 18:16, 21 Nov 2012

The object was to beautify in most respects the women of Skyrim but I felt that in the cases of the extremely elderly the most I should do is make them look middle aged not ancient.
In most cases the wrinkles and scars have been removed or at the least toned down. Some of the men have been reworked as well. Most of the Villain NPC's in game have been left alone excepting for some clothing swaps.
The work was designed to replace the clothing of the townspeople from the vanilla pug ugly outfits but I did retain vanilla clothes for most of the farmers,
there should be some contrast in styles. There is a distinct difference between Imperial supporters in the nobility and Stormcloak supporters. There are 25 completely new default outfits introduced in this version
The rebels in the main retained much of the the vanilla Skyrim outfits with some changes.
Almost all merchants in the cities are given more upscale clothing to reflect their higher status over the commoners.
This mod was throughly tested with V.1.7.7 with and without Dawnguard installed. Recently tested with V.1.8.51 with Dawnguard.
V-1.0 has a total of 25 new outfits.
V-2.0 Has a total of 68 new outfits. Dawnguard and Hot Property are additional requirement to all of V-1's required files. You must have Dawnguard DLC
V-2.1 Update will be out before the end of the year with minor updates that will include several NPC's that were bypassed in V-2 mostly farmers that the player has quest interactions with. There will be no additional required file changes between V-2 and V-2.1
[Mods Required for V-1]
Apachi Hair v 1.3 or Higher (author-Apachii)
Gizmodian Witchbane v 1.0 (author-Gizmodian)
Cloaks of Skyrim v.09 or Higher (author-Noodles)
Hentai Karliah Armor v 1.0 (author-Hentai)
Ashara Romantic Outfit v 5.0 (author-SydneyB)
(Standalone version v50 for UNP and FavoredSoul)
[Mods Required for V-2]
DLC Dawnguard (author-Bethsada) Steam
Apachi Hair v 1.4 (author-Apachii)
Gizmodian Witchbane v 1.0 (author-Gizmodian)
Cloaks of Skyrim v.09 or Higher (author-Noodles)
Hentai Karliah Armor v 1.0 (author-Hentai)
Ashara Romantic Outfit v 5.0 (author-SydneyB)
(Standalone version v50 for UNP)
Hot Property (Main File) (author-YamiElisa)
[Recommended Optional Mods]
Ashara Romantic Outfit Royal Retexture by Messias Muummo**Highly Recomended**
Reapers Necromancer Runes Robe ***by Reaper911 **Highly Recomended**
Phoenix Design - Expert Robes Replacer Female by gekks **Highly Recomended**
Coverwomen v 2.1 by mrLenski
Covereyes v 1.0 by mrLenski
Better Females by Bella v 3.0 by BellaGail
Straight hair retexture v 1.2 by navetsea

I would like to thank Apachii, Gizmodian, Noodles, Hentai, Sydney B, YamiElisa and JeremeW5257 without their very gracious permission none of this would have ever been able to be shared.
The above authors are the original mod genius's and I take no credit for their work what so ever. All I did is utilize their work so they deserve the credit not me.
Last but by no means least I would like to thank JeremeW5257 for his work on Supermodels of Skyrim which gave me the idea to make this mod.
if you want everyone to look like supermodels then his mod should be checked out.
I just disagreed with the premise that everyone should be smoking hot and the conversion of some of the beast race npc's to human.
Final note; there is a readme, please read it because help will be pointless if you do not follow the instructions.
Special thanks to my beta testors Grannywills and Ginneyfizz....thanks ladies
The grey face bug is a Skyrim issue not a mod issue so this mini tutorial is to walk you through it if it becomes an issue.

1) Make sure your CK allows the loading of multiple Master Files.
Look in the Editor ini (which is in your main Skyrim folder) under the General sub heading for bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=0 and change it to 1.

2) Open up the Ck select the mod and let it load.
Select any or all NPC's that have Grey faces and select the NPC in question so that the line is highlighted in blue. Any NPC that was modded in this mod will have an * in the Count column.

3) If you want to export all the face gen data of every modded npc then hold down ctrl as you proceed through the selection process.

3) When all relevant NPC's are selected Press Ctrl and F4 simultaneously. A pop up window will appear asking if you want to export Face gen data, click yes.

4) If you are going to select all the npc's to export face gen data it will take a few minutes for the CK to process them all, you will notice the names in question at the bottom of CK as it processes them all.

5)Answer yes to all warnings, when the windows pops up with a done response then click ok. Look at the top left of the CK toolbar and click the save function it looks like an old 3.5 disk (it's the second from the left). You are done.