Shouts in the Dragon Tongue - Dawnguard by hyperion5
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Added: 20/11/2012 - 08:52AM
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Shouts in the Dragon Tongue - Complete

Original Mod
I have updated this original mod for use with Dawnguard since the original author seems to have stopped supporting/updating the mod. If at any point cmdo returns then he/she should feel free to contact me about taking this down in favor of any update he/she might wish to make including just using these files if desired.


This mod has been updated for Dawnguard as well as to fix a few typos and one shout which was missing a hint.

Also, there is a bug with Dawnguard's Drain Vitality shout where the dragon version of the shout uses the same words as the Marked for Death shout causing a weird UI issue. I have included a fix for this bug along with the other changes. My fix doesn't remove the bad dragon shouts from your UI if you had already gotten into that state, but should prevent a new game (or one where you have not learned any Marked for Death words yet) from having the issue. If you are aleady in the "bad state" then you can try the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch to fix it.


original description:

This mod changes the shouts to be written in the Dragon Language, check the pictures for reference.

There are 3 versions:

Hint-Squiggly Line - includes a 'hint' to help with identifying the shout; uses a tidle

Hint-Straight Line - includes a 'hint' to help identify the shout; uses a dash

No-Hint - includes no hints

Probably not compatible with mods that change the name of Shouts (it should be compatible with other changes like the spell effect/words of a particular shout).

It should be compatible with the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch, although they go about the fix a different way than I do (seems to involve scripts that fix things for you, rather than changing the words the dragon version of drain vitality uses like I do). The UDP doesn't seem to change the display names of shouts so you can probably use them in either order, but if you aren't 100% sure then you can load this one last.

Automatic: Download with Manager and install (scripted install to choose the Hint option).

Manual: Download the 7z file and extrace one of the three .esp files to your Data folder.

1.0 Updated for Dawnguard. Includes a fix for the Drain Vitality shout. NMM installation script added for the three installation options.